Friday, June 14, 2013

5 on Friday :)

Once again I am participating in 5 on Friday with Darci and friends.  Here are 5 things that have happened in our world this week. 

1.  My sister Michelle and her family spent the week at the Mayo clinic in Minnesota trying to find out what's happening with Ainsley.  She is missing part of her 4th chromosome. The doctors explained that each of your chromosomes is like an encyclopedia and that Ainsley is missing a page from one of her encyclopedias.  The part of her chromosome that is missing regulates muscle tone and development. The doctors want Ryan and Michelle to get tested to see if one of them is  missing that part of their 4th chromosome.  If they are that is good news and that means that Ainsley should grow up happy and healthy just like them :) 
 While at Mayo they were able to meet with a lot of different specialists and each of the doctors gave my sister a detailed report of their visit which was helpful.  They left today and they still don't have any definitive answers which is very frustrating but they are hopeful that after their genetic tests they will get some answers.    

2.  Last Saturday my friend Sabrina and I spent the day at the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, NY.  It was amazing!  We had the best time and bought some cute stuff and we got to meet Cari from HGTV!  Here are some pictures from our day at the fair!

3.  Father's Day is on Sunday!  I always have trouble figuring out what to get Graig for Father's Day.  He is the hardest person to shop for!  Anyway, I found the cutest project on the eighteen25 blog and I made one for Graig and one for Grandpa Larry using paint chips from Home Depot.   Brock and Ava will each write 5 reasons why they love their Dad and Grandpa. I think Graig and his Dad will love these! 

4.   Sometimes I love doing little projects and sometimes I go months without doing any.  I have been on a project kick lately.  I made this fabric covered canvas (and a matching curtain that I will show later!) for our kitchen this week.  I adore this fabric! 

Ava has a basketball tournament this weekend in Syracuse so I wanted to make her team some cookies.  I love the look of cutout and frosted cookies. They are just SO hard for me to make.  These are suppose to be basketballs and as you can see I'm not done-ha ha!  Hopefully I get these done this evening so Ava can take them to her team. 

5.  Last night my friend Melany spoke to a quilters guild.  She asked me to come along to keep her company and to help her set up and sell some items from her shop.  There were about 50 ladies there and Melany did a great job!  Here is Melany with Flo the President of the guild. 

Have a great weekend!!