Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend wrap up

Here are some pics from our busy weekend!  Sabrina and I got together for an upcoming craft show.  We went to Lowe's and got a 2x4 and had them cut the wood in 2, 4, 6 and 8 inch pieces. Then we came home and painted the wood blocks in fun spring colors and added vinyl.  These signs always seem to sell well at craft shows!  Here is the one that I made.

Our varsity high school basketball team had a sectional game at home on Friday night.  It was an exciting game!  We won by 2 points.  After the game we took Brock and some friends to Wendy's.  Of course they wanted to sit by themselves so I really embarrassed him and snapped this pic. 

Brock also got his braces off on Monday!  Finally!  Poor Brock has been wearing a retainer, head gear and braces since 4th grade!  I will have to take some good pictures of him with his new straight teeth!

Ava was sick today so I stayed home with her today.  Thankfully she is feeling better now!  Tomorrow we are getting a big snow/ice storm so I went out tonight and stocked up at Wal-Mart in case we get snowed in tomorrow.  Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

St. Patrick's Day hutch and a surprise party

I thought I would show some pictures of our St. Patrick's Day hutch!  I used my green and turquoise fiesta ware and my milk glass.  I wanted it to look spring-y and green without going overboard with leprechauns and shamrocks.
Here is a close up of my middle shelf. My Dad got me the green fiestaware plate for $1!  I love it even though it has a chip on it at the bottom. 

Here's a close up of some fiestaware plates and bowls and some of my milk glass vases.  I love how all of the dishes look together.   
I love these numbered jars I got at HomeGoods!

I got this bowl at TJ Maxx.  

Last night we had a surprise 40th bday party for my  friend for my neigbor and good friend Heidi! Graig and I got to bring her to the party so that was fun!  We told her we were all going out to dinner but Graig had to make a quick stop at the Elk's club.  When we got there all of her friends, co-workers and family was there!  Here is me and Heidi with our friends Courtney and Lesley. 
Heidi and her husband Brett have 4 kids!  Here is the birthday girl with her four adorable kids!

This week Brock and Ava are on winter break so today for lunch I took Ava and her friend Marty out for Mexican food.  It's Ash Wednesday so we can't eat meat but it was still good!  I have decided to give up diet cokes before noon (I always drink one for breakfast it's a terrible habit!) and sweets for lent.  Brock and Ava are still deciding what they are going to give up. 

Tonight is the monthly Wine Night so I've got to get going to that event. Happy Wednesday! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Burlap Banner tutorial

I bought a beautiful Valentine's Day banner on etsy.  I loved it and was so sad to take it down.  I looked on etsy for a St. Patrick's Day banner but I hesitated buying it because I knew that I had all of the supplies to make my own. So over the weekend I made one! 

Here is the Valentine's Day one that I bought.  I love it but it was $20 and I thought it would be fun to try my own. 

I looked online for a tutorial and I found this simple one here. 

I printed the word  lucky in 425 pt Georgia font.  I cut out the letters and taped one letter to the back of each of my burlap that I cut into triangles.  I just painted where the letter was.  I didn't take a picture of this but the tutorial that I used has a picture of this :)

I also added polka dots using a circle craft brush.  I hot glued the burlap to jute and added green ribbon that I had. 

I think it's cute!  I do wish my paint was a little brighter.  Maybe next time I'll do two coats of paint instead of one. 

Here is a close up so you can see how I folded the burlap over the jute. 

This project was FREE because I already had everything I needed and it took less than an hour from start to finish!  I love quick and easy projects like these!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Our day in pictures!

I took pictures on my iphone of our day today!

My day started out at work.  This is my to do list and a pile of work that I needed to get done today.

Brock and Ava are on winter break this week so Ava came to work with me for a little bit this morning!  Graig also took her to an orthodontist appointment early this morning.  Brock is finally getting his braces off next week and Ava is probably going to need braces or a retainer.  We will find out for sure next week. 

Ava loves going to Starbucks when she comes to my office.  This is my favorite breakfast-an everything bagel with chive cream cheese and a diet coke :)

I ordered some fabric key rings from Very Jane.  They came in on Saturday and I added them to my keys today!  I got some extra so I can give them away as little gifts. 

After work Ava and I went to Dairy Queen. She got a blizzard and I got an Orange Julius.  I love these!  Our Dairy Queen opened for the year on Saturday and we've been there twice already.  We are very good DQ customers!

After work Brock and I watched the CSI from last night .  He loves snuggling on the couch and watching TV. 
Here's a picture of our mantle.  I updated it for St. Patrick's Day and I made the burlap banner.  It was SO easy to make, I'm going to do a tutorial on my blog later this week. 

Tonight I have a meeting at work and the rest of my family is just going to hang out at home. Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Graig's big game!

This was the most relaxing weekend that we have had in ages.  We didn't have ANY plans.  It was heavenly!  The only thing we did do was go and watch Graig ref in a basketball game.  Graig refs in 3-4 games a week during the basketball season.  We hardly ever get to watch him but Saturday night we were all able to go.  This was a championship game so it was held in the gym at the College where we work.  We are really proud of him because the coaches from both teams have to recommend refs for championship games.  This is the third year in a row he's had this championship game. 

Graig in a pre-game huddle with the captains from both teams

Graig trying to look tough before the game

The game was pretty much a blowout so thankfully no fans (at least that I heard) yelled at him.  I know that happens in games but I hate when fans yell at the refs. 

Graig's knees have really been bothering him but no one even knew.  He ran up and down the court like a pro!

 All smiles after the game!

 This weekend I worked on a few craft projects and made some freezer meals for our family.  Brock and Ava are on winter break this week so they are really excited to have a week off of school.  I am going to take a couple of days off to be with them.  I hope you had a good weekend! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday catch up!

Here are some more pictures from my blogging break.  I thought I would share.  After this post I will be all caught up!

Last week Ava had watch week at her ballet studio.  After we watched her class I took a picture of Ava and her friend Mary. These two are such good friends and are so sweet together. 
I wanted to show my Valentine's Day mantle.  I know I'm a few days late but since I have been sick Graig and I are going out to dinner tonight.  So we are celebrating Valentine's Day week at our house!

Here are my Ballard Design jars.  Imagine these filled up with candy because they did have candy in them for about a day and then my family (and me!)  ate all the candy. 

I love this love banner I got on Etsy!  I'm sad that I'm going to have to take it down until next year :(

I made the red and white candy cane wreath for Christmas. I just kept it up for Valentine's Day.  I'm going to take out all the red and replace it with white felt and use it for St. Patrick's Day and Easter!

A close up of the top of our mantle.  I got the white pitcher at TJ Maxx. 

I ordered some pillow covers on Very Jane before Christmas and they FINALLY came in!  I love how they look in our sun room.  I really like the gray and red together. 

Here is part of our Valentine's Hutch in the dining room.  I put little treats in Brock and Ava's mailbox for a few weeks before Valentine's Day.  They liked checking in their mailbox every day to see if they had a treat!

We are really trying to eat more at home so Ava helped me make this menu board for our meals this week.  Tonight the kids are eating leftovers and Graig and I are going out to celebrate Valentine's Day!

Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hello Friends!

Things have been crazy busy for us these past few weeks!  I can't believe it's been almost 3 weeks since I've updated our blog. First of all the spring semester started so Graig and I have been VERY busy at work!  Brock finished his first JV basketball season and Ava has been busy with her new puppy!   Yes, you read that right we got Ava a new puppy as an early birthday gift.  She is thrilled! 
 I have also been very worried about my niece Ainsley.  Her doctor thought she might have a genetic hearing loss. We  have been worried sick about Ainsley but thankfully it seems that she only has a mild hearing loss.  My sister wrote all about Ainsley and what they have been though these past few weeks on her blog

Here are some pictures from my iPhone my blog break!

These are the Gamma Rho Chi's that I worked with during sorority recruitment

I participated in a zumba thon with my friends Anna, Sabrina and Sara.  Here is a picture of Anna and me. 

 I also went to a Casino night fundraiser with my friends Rebecca and Allison.  We had so much fun!

Graig and I took Ava to get her new puppy.  It's a cockapoo and after about 1 week with no name we finally decided to name her Lily!
Lily is such a great sleeper!  She likes to cuddle up and sleep with Ava.  Here is Lily with Ava and her friend Olivia. 

My sister posted this picture of Ainsley on facebook today.  I think it's the cutest picture.  She is the happiest little girl.  She is always laughing and smiling!  I love her so much and I am so thankful that we got good news about her precious little ears!

Happy Wednesday!