Friday, April 23, 2010

And so it begins...

Brock's baseball season started unofficially today with his first scrimmage!  It was sunny but SOOO windy so I spent the game in the dugout, which Graig and Brock loved-ha ha!  I LOVE Little League season and I'm happy that Opening Day is next weekend.

Usually Brock pitches or plays 1st base but this year he is also going to do some catching and he was the catcher tonight.  This is his longest season of the year.  He will play from now until the middle of August! 

Here are a couple of  pictures of him from last year.  I am going to take LOTS of pictures of him playing this year, it's his last year of Little League and I want to make sure that we a ton of pictures to remember this special year.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Coming out of the dark

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your support and love during this difficult time for our family.  I am overwhelmed by thoughtfulness of so many of our family, friends and co-workers.  
Each and every card, note and flower arrangement is so special and we are thankful for the outpouring of support and love that we have gotten since my Mom's death.

Everyone who knew my Mom loved her.   She had a great smile, a sense of humor, and she always was ready for fun!  I love hearing stories about my Mom from people who knew and loved her.  Those stories have been a bright spot for me during this time. 

I think about my Mom every single day and  I know that I will always grieve her loss.  It's  not something that I will get over, it's something that I will learn to live with but a piece of me is gone forever.  

Brock and Ava are  grieving her loss in their own ways.  Brock put a picture of himself with his Grandma Rose in his room.  Today Ava and I got iced teas at Starbucks and after we got them I said "cheers Ava" and I clanked my glass against hers.  She said "to Grandma Rose" I asked her why she said that and she told me that she thinks of her Grandma Rose all the time. I am going  to honor my Mom by being the best Mom that I can be to Brock and Ava they deserve only the best from me because it's what I got from my Mom. 

With love,

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Missing my Mom

On Good Friday evening Graig and I got a call that no family wants to receive.  It was the hospital chaplin and she told us that my Mom had suffered a massive heart attack and had passed away earlier in the evening.  My Mom was shopping with her best friend when she suffered her heart attack.  She died instantly.  I am so thankful and grateful that she didn't suffer and that she was with her best friend when she died. 

I flew to Illinois on Sunday morning to be with my family and to make funeral arrangements for my Mom.  Graig was going to go with me to Illinois and Grandma Jan was going to stay home to watch Brock and Ava.  When we were about to board our flight we got a call from Grandma Jan.  She said that Graig's Dad had just suffered a heart attack and he was being taken by ambulance to the hospital.  Graig and I decided that he needed to go and be with his Dad.   Thankfully, Graig's Dad is going to make a full recovery.  He had two stints put in and he was released from the hospital on Tuesday afternoon. 

This week has been  the hardest week of my life.  I am so thankful for my sister Michelle and her husband Ryan and his family, and my Dad and his girlfriend Vicki and for all the rest  of my friends and family.  Everyone has been SO supportive and loving and I am grateful for all of the loving people that we have in our lives. 

 Here is a picture of my Mom's casket from the funeral.  I am thankful that she is buried next to her parents and her aunts, uncles and cousins. 

I am going to take things day by day. Some days are good and some days I just want to cry all day and remember my Mom. I am going to honor my Mom by being the best Mom that I can be to Brock and Ava.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

More Easter Decorations!

I love decorating for each of the holidays and these are the last of my Easter decorations for this year! 

I got this sweet little chick last year at Cracker Barrel. 

Another little chick from Cracker Barrel. 

I have had this little bunny for years and I still love him!  He's on the shelf in our living room. 

Easter egg garland, I got this garland this year at Homegoods.  The colors in it are great.  I love this garland. 

Here's a little birdhouse I got this year at Micheals

I have the day off of work tomorrow because Brock and Ava are out of school!  We are going to spend the day going to the zoo and shopping in Binghamton.  Tomorrow evening we are having our neighborhood Easter Egg hunt.   Every family brings some eggs and then the Dad's hide them.  I stuffed 100 eggs full of treats for the hunt!