Monday, August 9, 2010

Brock's baseball pics

Brock is having a fun week at his baseball tournament.  He has had 4 games so far and we have won 2 games and we have lost 2 games.  We have played teams from Illinois, California and Massachusetts! 

Here are some pictures from the first few games.  He pitched a little bit in both games yesterday.  Here are some action shots of him.

Here is Brock at first base

And leaving the dugout after the game.  He was so hot and tired :(

Happy Monday!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Brock's Birthday!

Today is Brock's 13th Birthday!!  We celebrated by taking him to the All-Star Village for the first week of his baseball tournament.  Today we checked in to the tournament and Brock and his team got settled in their bunk house.  We also watched the opening ceremonies which were fun.
Here are some pictures from today.

Here is Brock in his tournament uniform.  He looks thrilled that I am taking yet another picture of him-ha ha!

Brock and his team are staying in the Yankee Stadium bunkhouse.

Their bunks are located at the top of the stairs

Brock getting his area ready.  He brought our febreeze because he thought the bunkhouse would smell by the end of the week.  Ha Ha with 12 kids and 3 coaches I think it will be very smelly!

During the opening ceremonies they had the Mom's come up and do a kickline. Here are some Mom's from our team. 

They had the Dad's do the YMCA.  Here are two Dad's from our team. 

Graig is a coach this week here he is with another Dad. 

After we left the opening ceremonies my friend Sabrina and I went to get pizza.  She went in and got it and I stayed with her sweet daughter Eliza.  I love this picture of her!

Tomorrow Brock has two games so we will be up early to get to his games on time.  Hope you are having a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Shelby!!

Today is my sister Shelby's 32nd birthday!  This is a big birthday for Shelby because it will be her last one before she becomes a Mom.   She is going to have her first baby in October and we are all SO excited for her!  She is going to be a great Mom.
I wish we lived closer so we could celebrate in person but I live in NY and she lives in Iowa  so I sent her present to her last week. 

Shelby thank you for being a kind and loving sister and aunt.  We love you and we hope that you have a wonderful day. 

Have a great birthday Shelby!!
Angie, Graig, Brock and Ava

Shelby with her husband Ryan

Here is Shelby with Ava at Steak and Shake when we went to visit her for her baby shower last month

Dad and Shelby

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Eliza's 2nd Birthday!

Yesterday before Brock's baseball game we went to Eliza's 2nd birthday party!  It was SO cute!!  Her Mom is my friend Sabrina and she does a great job with parties and decorating.  She did an "Under the Sea" theme and it was adorable!  
Here are Ava and Eliza at the party. I LOVE Eliza's little swimming suit it has an alligator on it. 

The little kids loved playing in the pools that they had set up. 
The older kids didn't swim they just hung out.  I love this picture little Mia is trying to get her big sister Gabby to go swimming with her-ha ha!  Ethan is Eliza's big brother. 
Pinata Time!  Eliza LOVED this! 
The beautiful cake that Sabrina made all by herself!!  I think it turned out really cute.  I helped her color the fondant yesterday.  She was a trooper to make her own cake!  It was delicious.

The food table, they had so much great food!