Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saturday Snack {Everything Bagel Topping}

Happy Saturday!!!  Today is Graig’s 46th birthday.  I got him his favorite chocolate pie and tonight our friends are having a card party so we are going to go to that this evening.  This morning I went to boot camp and my plan was to make homemade bagels but my family wanted pancakes so we had pancakes instead.  

I did make this everything bagel topping to use this week.  I tried to get it at Trader Joe’s but it was all sold out so I decided to make my own.  I also made two extra batches for friends.  This will be great on homemade bagels, deviled eggs, and avocado toast. 

Everything Bagel Topping 
4 t white sesame seeds
3 t dried minced onion 
3 t dried minced garlic
3 t black seasame seeds
2 t sea salt flakes
1 t poppy seeds
Mix all ingredients together and store in an airtight container.

I doubled this recipe and put it in a small mason jars.  I added all the ingredients to my mason jar and shook up all the  ingredients in the jars.  

I got all the ingredients in bulk (except for the poppy seeds)  at my BFF Rachaels’s organic grocery store.

I had enough ingredients to make three jars of the topping.  I’m going to keep one and give two away to friends.  

I wanted to try it after I made it but I didn’t have bagels so I added some of the topping to buttered toast.  It was delicious!

Happy Saturday!  

Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy second week of 2018!  I just love the beginning of the year.  I love making resolutions and the hope that a new year brings. Today I’m linking up to ErikaNarci and Andrea to share my Friday Favorites.

1. My most favorite thing this week was Ava coming home!!!   We missed her so much while she was in the Czech Republic and we are thrilled she is back home with us.  She has spent this week unpacking, settling into her room, seeing her friends and eating her favorite American food.  

2. Last weekend I took a four day trip to Florida to hang out with my best friends.  We had a great  time laughing, talking, eating good seafood and walking on the beach.  It was a fabulous trip!! My 42nd birthday was the second day we were there and it was so fun celebrating with my favorite gal pals. 

3.  Our little niece Ainsley has surgery to repair her eardrum and she was such a trooper during the whole procedure.
 I hate that my sister lives so far away and that we couldn’t be with them during the surgery but I’m thankful my Dad was able to go down for the week and be with them.

4. My favorite restaurant the Autumn Cafe re-opened on our Main Street after being closed for renovations for  a year.  I have been there four times since it opened two weeks ago.  I have so many favorite dishes there including this Moules  Frites.

5. This is one of my favorite pictures of Brock when he was less than 2 pulling his wagon in front of my Dad’s house.  ❤️❤️. 

6.  My friends had a birthday party for me Wednesday night at a supper club/bar in our town.  It was such a fun night!!  It was so great to catch up with everyone.  I love celebrating my birthday!  

7.  Ava and I are making bagels this weekend and last night I made this everything bagel topping to go on top of the bagels.  I sprinkled some on a piece of toast tonight to try it and it was delicious!  I will post this recipe tomorrow for my Saturday Snack for this week.

This weekend we have a few fun things planned and I also hope to do a lot of relaxing.  I hope you had a great week.


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Ava’s home!

Our Ava is home from the Czech Republic!!  She decided to come home a few months early from her year long exchange.  I am sad that she didn't stick it out until the end but she has been so homesick for months so we made the right decision to have her come home early.  She had some amazing experiences-she visited Hungary, Austria, Poland and Slovakia.  She got to visit the world famous Christmas Markets in Austria, she visited the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland and she visited Budapest in Hungary.  She also went to Prague four times during her stay in the Czech Republic. 

She stayed with two host families during her time in Czech and she loved them both so much. I still stay in touch with her first host family and her second family was just as nice.  Both sent us pictures and updates via Facebook.  I am forever grateful to both of those families for loving our girl and caring for her while she was in Czech.

Ava took a lot of stuff to  Czech and she bought a lot of clothes and souvenirs when she was over there.  I wasn't sure everything was going to fit in her suitcases but thankfully everything did!  Here she is after packing everything up. She was thrilled she didn't have to leave anything behind. 

Ava's second host family took her to the airport.  They were a lovely family and she spent the Christmas holiday with them.  Czech has some interesting Christmas traditions and I am so grateful that she got to experience those customs and traditions with this family.  One of the traditions involves keeping a Carp fish in the bathtub for a few days and then killing the fish and eating it on Christmas eve.

Going to catch her plane in Prague. 

I had already made plans to be in Florida so Graig and Grandma Jan picked Ava up from the airport in Philadelphia.  She was SO happy to be home!!

We are so happy our girl is home.  She will be home for a few days and then she starts school next week.  I am so thankful to have her home and I am thrilled she had this experience.  It was an adventure she will never forget.


Monday, January 15, 2018

Anna Maria Island {BFF trip 2018}

Four years ago my two best girlfriends moved to Florida.  One moved to Orlando with her family and the other moved to St.Petersburg with her family.  So for the past three years my three dear friends and I fly  from NY  to Florida to spend a long weekend together.  

We laugh, eat great food and just all catch up with each other.  It is so much fun and I look forward to this time together with them all year.

Two years ago we went to Daytona Beach.  You can read about that trip here and here.  Last year we went to Treasure Island.  You can read about that trip here and this year we went to Anna Maria island.  It was so beautiful!!!

We rented a house close the the beach.  It was only in the 50’s every day but it was much warmer than our -5 degrees at home.

We got some groceries to have at our house but we went out to eat for most of our meals.

We also spent a lot of time walking on the beach which was chilly but so beautiful.

Our house came with bikes so we went on a bike ride around the island.  I loved doing that!  So many people had bikes on the island.  It was a great way to get around.

Saturday was my 42nd birthday.  We woke up early and took a walk on the beach.  We spent the day hanging out and eating good snacks.  We went to a nice dinner at the SandBar restaurant in the evening.  It was the perfect day!

If you ever find yourself inAnna Maria island here  are some of the places we went.

-Rod and Reel pier- Delicious for lunch and dinner. We went for dinner and the grouper was amazing!  I highly recommend. This restaurant is at the end of the pier and people fish off the pier.  Everyone was so friendly!  

-SandBar restaurant-We went for drinks on Friday night and for my birthday dinner Saturday night.  Delicious seafood and wonderful Pina Colodas. This restaurant is right on the beach and has the cutest little gift shop. 

-Hurricane Hanks -We went for Sunday brunch.   Great food and bottomless mimosas.  My friends got eggs benedict and I got a taco salad.  So good!!

-Waterfront restaurant- We went for dinner on Sunday night and we sat on the deck. It was chilly but they had the fireplace going and the heaters on.  The drink menu was amazing (I had a jalapeño margarita}  and the menu was extensive.  For dinner I got grouper tacos.  

I love this yearly tradition with my friends and I hope it continues for many years to come!


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Saturday Snack {Sausage Jalapeño Bites}

I made these tasty little treats last Saturday for the swap party.  They are a variation of the Jalapeño poppers I made last week.  The filling is the same but this time for the base I used mini Fillo Shells.

Sausage Jalapeño Bites 

1 lb. breakfast sausage (I used reduced fat)
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1 block of cream cheese (I used reduced fat)
2 jalapeños seeded and chopped 

Cook sausage until brown and crumbly.  Drain the fat. Cut and chop  jalapeños (make sure you remove the seeds).  Add all ingredients to kitchenaid mixer and mix on a low speed for a couple of minutes to combine.  Add a spoonful of the mixture to each mini fillo cup. Pace filled fillo cups on baking sheet and cook at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes.  

I use my mixer to make combining  all the ingredients together easy.  

These are the fillo cups I get.  They are pre-baked and they are perfect for these bite sized appetizers. 
This appetizer is so easy to make and is so delicious!

I hope you enjoy. 


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Crafty Wednesday {Housewarming Gift}

A few months ago my dear friend Heather and her family moved into new home.  It’s a beautiful house in the country with lots of land and a pond and it’s absolutely wonderful  for Heather and her family.  I wanted to get her a thoughtful housewarming and  I saw this idea on instagram and knew it would make the perfect gift. 

 I put this together a few months ago and am just now getting around to posting it.  I did a terrible job of taking pictures of this project. I did want to post it so I wouldn’t forget what I did and so I could repeat this idea in the future because I love the idea so much.

I made these tags and stuck them to the gift that corresponded with each one.  I used the ones I saw on instagram (I wish I could remember who posted this so I could give them credit.). You could also come up with some different tags.  

I used a wooden tray to put my gift one because it made a great carrier for everything else and wood was one of the items I needed for my gift.

Here is the finished gift.  Best of all Heather loved it!!  

If you make this gift for someone I’d love to hear about it!  Hopefully you take better pictures than me 😉

Happy Wednesday