Saturday, April 14, 2018

Saturday Snack {Wonton Tacos}

I have a delicious snack for you today.  A few weeks ago I went to my friend Heidi's for a craft night and I brought these delicious Won Ton Tacos along for us to snack on.  Our craft night was right during the dinner time so I wanted to make something hearty and delicious for us to share.  I looked on pinterest and found Won Ton Tacos and thought that would be good to make.  I love anything with taco meat in it!

{Wonton Tacos}
1 lb. lean ground beef, browned and drained
1 envelope taco season
1 (10oz.) can Ro-tel diced tomatoes
1 1/2 cups sharp cheddar cheese, shredded
48 wonton wrappers

 Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Generously coat a standard sized muffin tin with non stick cooking spray.  Combine cooked beef, taco seasoning, cheese and  tomatoes in a bowl and stir until combined.  

(Here are the tomatoes that I used) they gave this dish a little kick and a lot of flavor!!

Line each cup of muffin tin with a wonton wrapper.  Add 1.5 tablespoons taco mixture and top with 1 tablespoon of shredded cheese.

Add another layer of wonton wrapper, and another tablespoon of shredded cheese.  

Cook in the oven for 11 minutes on 375 and enjoy!!  You can serve these with salsa, guacamole and sour cream. 

Happy Saturday!! 

Friday, April 13, 2018

Life Lately

I am STILL having blog issues-ughh!!!  I am hoping to get them resolved this weekend and get back to posting regularly next week.  We have had an exhausting week and I am SO SO happy it's finally Friday!  Tonight Rachael and I have our monthly craft night for Branch and Bloom and tomorrow G, Ava and I are headed to Long Island because Ava is in a basketball tournament.  

Wednesday we had to put our dog Daisy down.  I was such an awful morning.  On Sunday she had a seizure.  Ava and I were home when it happened and after her seizure we held her until she seemed OK again.  On Tuesday night G and I were getting ready to go to sleep and she had another one.  I told him I was going to take her to the vet the next day.  We knew something was wrong we just didn't know exactly what was wrong.  I took her in to the vet on Wednesday morning and they did blood work and took x-rays and the vet said her lungs and the area surrounding her heart were full of cancer.  He said there was nothing they could do to help her.  He suggested that we put her down right away so she wasn't suffering.  I called G at work and he came and was with me when they put her down.  It was so sad and I just cried and cried. Daisy was my little shadow around the house and I loved taking her for walks around our neighborhood.  She was part of our family for 12 years and we miss her so much.  

The vets office made us a paw print in clay so we could remember our Daisy girl.  I picked it up today and thought it was so sweet.  I will cherish it always.  

This week did have some happy moments....

We celebrated our nephew Gabe's 6th birthday on Friday with dinner and of course a big cake.  He is such a cutie.  I am so glad we got to be with him on his birthday.  

We bought a new (to us!) Nissan Rouge for me.  I have only had it a couple of days but so far I love it!!  We have always had cars so this is our first SUV and it has so much room so far it's been great. It's a really pretty dark purple/black color called black amethyst.  

Tonight Rachael and I have our monthly craft night for Branch and Bloom.  We are going to be making vertical chalkboard planters and this craft night is also a fundraiser for our local library.  I love this craft and think it will be a lot of fun to make these tonight.

That's it for me today.  I hope you have a great Friday!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Life Lately

I've been having some technical issues with my blog and haven't been able to post in a few days :(
I am hoping everything is fixed so I am able to post.  I have so much to share!  Here is a look at our life lately.

Last night I hosted our monthly Bunco game.  It was fun as always.  It's always great to catch up with these ladies.  

I made a some yummy snacks and a signature drink of course!! I set up the food on my desk in the living room and it worked out great!  

I set up the drinks in the kitchen.  I will post instructions on how to make the Bunco Tart on Saturday.  Everyone loved this drink.  I drank seltzer at Bunco because I had to get up early this morning to run.  But everyone loved this drink and it's a fun spring.summer cocktail!!

This week is Greek Week and we have different fun events planned every night.  The students have been loving it!!  

The Easter Bunny came to our house on Sunday!  Ava got a big basket of candy and a gift certificate for a manicure.  We also went to church and had a big Easter dinner at home. 

Saturday night my friend Heidi hosted a craft night at her house. I made a welcome sign that it turns out I have no place for in my house so I am going to sell it at the Holiday Market.   It was so fun to get together and catch up with these ladies.  

 Ava and I went to a green house/farm stand on Saturday to look at the plants and buy some fresh produce for our Easter dinner.  I got a couple of little plants for our house.  Even though it is snowing today I am so happy it's almost spring in upstate NY!!

 G's brother and his family has been visiting from Colorado this week. It has been fun having them in NY.  Ava loves her baby cousin Gabe. 

That's it for me today.  I hope you've had a great week!!


Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends. This week was a lot of fun.  I did a few fun things after work and   Ava was in Phoenix enjoying her spring break with her Grandma Jan and Brock.  Today I’m linking up to ErikaNarci and Andrea to share my Friday Favorites.

1.  Ava has spent the week with her grandma and Brock in Arizona.  I am SO thrilled she got to do something fun on her spring break!  They explored Phoenix, she went to class at ASU with Brock.  They had a great week.  Ava comes home today and I can't wait to see her and give her a big hug. 

2.  Walmart has the cutest galvanized metal stuff for spring.  I have so many serving dishes, platters, plates and more but I always love to get a couple of new things.  I got the utensil caddy this week and I think I'll use it all summer!

3.  I've been in the mood to play in the dirt and it's still too early in NY so I was thrilled this week when someone called and booked a private craft party with me for Branch and Bloom.  She wants to make terrariums in the class which will be so fun!!  We did three terrarium classes last year.  They are quite popular for us especially in the spring!

I am so happy it's Easter weekend!  We have a few fun things planned plus Church and a big Easter dinner on Sunday.  I hope you have a fabulous Easter weekend with your peeps.


Thursday, March 29, 2018

What's Up Wednesday? {March}

Today I'm linking up with Shay for What's Up Wednesday.  Just like February March flew by for me!!  You can can what we've been up to below!  Happy Spring

What were eating this week...It's just Graig and I think week so I made a big Italian Beef so we've been eating that.  I'm going out with friends the next two nights so no cooking-yay!!
And we've been eating the delicious Salted Caramel  Bars I made on Saturday. 

What I'm reminiscing about...our Ava turned 16 in March!  That is definitely something I've been reminiscing about. Our baby girl is almost all grown up.  She got her permit on her birthday and we've been taking turns giving her driving lessons. 

What I'm loving...the warm weather!!  It finally feels like spring in NY and I've been getting outside to take walks every day after work.  Also Brock and Ava are together this week in Arizona with Grandma Jan!  I love that Ava and her grandma could spend their spring break with Brock.  They have been having a blast.  Ava even went to classes with Brock yesterday at ASU!!

What we've been up to...Work has been busy for both G and me, and we are in the process of buying a second rental house (we close on Friday) and we have been looking at new SUV's for me-yay!!

What I'm dreading...nothing too crazy at the momemt

What I'm working on...I need to start working on three family memory books-one for 2016, one for 2017 and one from the tree.  I planned to do them as part of my Happiness Project for March.  I still haven't started.  I hope I can start on them this weekend.    And  we are buying a second rental house on Friday so updating that is going to keep us very busy!!  It needs new paint, two new kitchens, and a ton of other little things.  

What I'm excited about...I have lots of fun things planned for April and May-including a girls trip, a concert and a trip to the spa!!!  I love the spring and I also hope to do a lot of hiking and working in my flower beds.  

What I'm watching/reading...I did my March book review on Monday.  You can read that here.  I just started reading Red Notice.  A true story about Vladimir Putin's biggest enemy.  It reads like John Grisham book but it's all true.  I am only a few chapters in to this book but I am hooked.  It is so interesting.  Here is a recent article about Bill Browder the author of the book 

What I'm listening to...I downloaded the best library app called Libby and you can listen to audio books.  This week I started listening to The Goldfinch   I listen to this when I'm doing things around the house and getting ready for work in the morning.  and the Libby app is fantastic!  They have so many books you can check out and you can listen or read them on your device.  All you need is your library card.  The best part it's free!!!

What I'm doing this weekend...It's Easter weekend!!  Our niece and nephew are visiting from Colorado so we will spend time with them, we are going to color Easter Eggs, go to Church and make a big Easter dinner!

What I'm looking forward to next month...everything spring-cute dresses, flowers, hikes and walks!  Bring it on.

Happy Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Sunday cooking class {Caesar salad and Shrimp Scampi}

I LOVE learning to cook new things and my friend V loves cooking and we have learned to make a few things together.  We have made eggplant parm together, we also have made homemade pasta together which was really fun!!

A few weeks ago we got together and she taught me to make shrimp scampi and homemade ceasar salad.  Both turned out so good!!  

In Ceasar salad dressing you use both anchovies and a raw egg  and both of those things gross me 😝 but I tried to put the grossness aside and they both worked so well in the dressing and it turned out so good!  After my first bite I didn’t think about the egg or anchovies I just enjoyed one of the most delicious salads I have ever tasted!!  

Ceasar Salad Dressing
1 tin anchovies cook on stove until they turn into a paste 
1 clove garlic chopped
I t Grey Poupon mustard 
1 pinch salt
1 pinch pepper
1 pinch red pepper flakes
2 coddled eggs (cook in boiling water for one minute)
Juice of 1 lemon
2 splashes Worcestershire sauce  
I cup grated Parmesan 
2 T Romano cheese 
Mix all together and add olive oil until the dressing reaches the desired consistency 

We made homemade croutons by cooking thin slices of French baguette drizzled with EVOO, salt and paprika in the oven for 10 minutes.
We used romaine lettuce (we kept the leaves big to really soak up the dressing) and added big pieces of shaved Parmesan cheese.  

The shrimp scampi was so easy to put together. We used a Barefoot Contessa recipe  

I will definitely be making both of these recipes again and I can’t wait for our next cooking lesson. 


Monday, March 26, 2018

Book Review {March}

This month I read three really great books. They were all different and unique but I love reading different kinds of books about different kinds of people so I really enjoyed them all.
 Two were fiction and one was non-fiction.  I have SO many books I want to read.  It's a good day when I can spend a little time at night reading.  I just love it.!  I am so happy I got through three books this month.

My library has a new online app  called Libby that you can borrow books from. It is fantastic!!  And it's really changed the way that I read.  It's a reading app like a kindle and you read books directly on the app.   You can check out books for two weeks and audio books for one week.  At the end of you time they disappear from your bookshelf in the app.  You can also place holds on books that you want to read.  My actual library has many more titles than what's available in the app but I always check the app first to see if the book I want is there and then I check my library.  If I can't get the book I want from either of those places then I buy the book on amazon.  I honestly am so excited this app is free. All three of the books I read this month I got from the Libby app.  

This month my bookclub read The Last Painting of Sara DeVos.  This book was about the Sara DeVos a painter in the 1600's in Amsterdam.  The book alternates between her story and the story of the couple that owned the painting in NYC in the 1950's, and a art historian who in the year 2000 was living in Sydney Australia.  In the late 1950's the art historian was a struggling art student who painted a forgery of Sara's original painting.  After that her life became intertwined with the painting and the husband whose family owned the painting.  The plot is complicated but the author did a great job of juggling the three story lines.  I honestly loved this book so so much!!  

The next book I read was called Rich People Problems and was the third book in the trilogy of books by Kevin Kwan about crazy, rich Asians.  All three books were so funny and highly entertaining.  There are also a ton of footnotes in the book where the author explains all of the Asian references and phases that he uses throughout the book. This third book starts when the matriarch of the family Sun Yi becomes very ill and the family gathers at the giant family home to say their goodbyes to their beloved grandmother and to jockey for position to see who will inherit her amazing house.  The first book  in the series Crazy Rich Asians is being make into a motion picture that will be released on August 17. I can't wait to see the movie!!

The third book I read this month was a memoir by Jillian Lauren.  It was called Some Girls: My Life in a Harem.  She was paid many thousands of dollars to live at the Palace and party with the Prince of  Brunei and  his friends.  She spent time with the Prince in the mid-1990's and this book talks about her life at the Palace and back in NYC where she lived.  In this book she puts everything out there and I thought she did a beautiful job telling her story.  It wasn't always a pretty story but she told it in her own terms and in her own way.  This month for book club we are reading her second book Everything You Ever Wanted and I wanted to read her first book first before reading the second one.  If you love memoirs I highly recommend this book.  

That's it for me this month.  I have some fabulous books picked out for April and I can't wait to start reading!!  What are you reading?