Saturday, October 21, 2017

Saturday Snack {fall mix}

I found this fall mix on Euna Mae’s Instagram and I knew I had to make it.  It looked so good!   I made this mix last week for my fall brunch and it was a yummy and delicious snack. 

I put this fall mix in a huge glass jar that I have. I thought that would be a easy way to serve it at my brunch.  Another way to serve this treat would be to bag this individually for friends for Halloween.

1 family size bag peanut M and M’s
1 large bag candy corn
1 bag pretzels (I used a bag and a 1/2 because I love pretzels)
2 boxes Carmel corn crunch and munch
1 box chocolate teddy grahams

Mix all your ingredients together and enjoy!

This recipe makes a lot.  I served it at my brunch, gave it to my friends to take home and Graig and I have been eating it all week.  It also looks festive on your counter. 🎃🍂


Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends!   I’m excited for a beautiful fall weekend.  We have been SO lucky with the weather this fall.    It’s been a busy week and I’m so happy it’s Friday!  Today I am linking up with ErikaNarci and Andrea to share my Friday Favorites.

1-Sunday I had a fall brunch and scarf exchange for all of my girlfriends.  It was a beautiful day and we were able to eat brunch outside on the deck.   We all had a great time laughing and talking and catching up.  This is my second annual fall brunch and scarf exchange.  You can read about last year’s brunch here. I made some egg casseroles, French toast bake, mini sandwiches and butternut squash soup.  My friend Betty made the adorable ball jar cookies that I gave out as party favors.  I’m so thankful for these friends ❤️

Here is the recipe for the butternut squash soup I made.  It turned out so good. I’m going to make this again real soon.

2-I spent the early part of the week coordinating an annual awards reception for the non-profit I work for part time.  We hosted 100 guests and there were so many details to take care of this week. I worked really hard to make sure it was successful and It turned out to be a great night!  The food was amazing and everyone had fun.  

3-I ordered these wooden boxes online and they came in last week and I hung them right up.  I think they look so cute!  I have no idea what I will put in them (if anything) but I think they look absolutely adorable in our dining room ❤️❤️

4-I saw the flyer for the annual Philadelphia flower show this week.  My friend Jenn and I went earlier this year and had a great time.  You can see my post about our trip here.  We are planning to go again next year!!

5- I made this yummy fall snack mix for my brunch and Graig and I have been munching on the leftovers this week.  I got the recipe from Euna Mae’s.  I cannot wait until her cookbook comes out.  I already pre-ordered it. I’m going to do a post on this simple snack tomorrow.

6-My hardworking husband is happiest when he is making money.  He signed up a few weeks ago to be an Uber driver and he is loving it!  I have used Uber when I’ve been in DC and in Florida and I have loved it.  I’m glad it finally came to our town. 

7-The Dodgers are doing to the World Series!!!  My friend Vicki’s nephew Cody plays for the Dodgers and we went to see him play in Cleveland in June.  I’m so thrilled they made it to the World Series!!! 

8-We have two Halloween parties to go to next weekend and some friends and I are dressing up like “social butterflies” we will each be a different social media app.  I’m instagram (my favorite❤️) 

I hope you have a great weekend!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends!   I’m excited for a beautiful fall weekend.  It’s going to be gorgeous out and we have some outside things planned and I’m hosting a fall brunch on Sunday.  It should be a great weekend.    Today I am linking up with ErikaNarci and Andrea to share my Friday Favorites.

1.  I own a small craft business with my friend Rachael called Branch and Bloom last night we had our monthly craft night for October.  We made succulent pumpkin topiaries.  They were a big hit and it was a fun night!  This is a quick and easy project and I’ll post a full tutorial next Wednesday on my Crafty Wednesday post.  

2.  I got this picture this week from Ava’s host family.  They have been taking her on lots of adventures.  This weekend they are going to a castle somewhere in the Czech Republic. 
Last weekend Ava went to Prague.  She is still a little homesick but she’s hanging in there.  We are so proud of her ❤️

3.  On Wednesday I shared how to make make a fall centerpiece.  It was easy to put together and the best part is that it will last all the way to Thanksgiving!  I love projects  like that.  You can read the post here. 

4. I’m going to a benefit gala in November go support our local hospital.  This week I bought two dresses and shoes  online because I don’t have time to go shopping (the mall is an hour away from my house)  before the gala.  
I bought these two dresses and I am hoping I will like one of them.

5.  A friend posted this on Facebook this week and I just love it.  I think so many times we take for granted all the wonderful blessings and gifts we’ve been given.  I’m trying to be grateful for everything I have.  

That’s it for me this week.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Crafty Wednesday {Fall centerpiece}

Last Friday I made a fun fall centerpiece with my friends Jenn and Barb.  Jenn and I wanted to do something fun for Barb’s  birthday and we thought these centerpieces would be a fun way to celebrate her birthday.

I’ll show you the easy step by step directions below.  Start with a pretty fall container.  This can be anything and use what you have in your house.  I had this big wooden bowl that I got last year at a yard sale.  I thought it was perfect for this project. 

Since my bowl was wooden I cut a plastic bag in case any water spilled from the pots.  I don’t want to ruin my bowl so the plastic bag was a good and free option.

This was our inspiration picture from Southern Living Magazine.  We wanted to create something similar to this. 

Jenn bought all of our plants because I was away last week at a conference.   She bought a big variety and tried to match those from the picture as close as she could. 

For this arrangement we kept the plants in their original pots.  Because of that it was SO easy to put this arrangement together:  It will make the arrangement easy to water.

I added the biggest plant first.  I’m not sure what this is but I love the pretty fall colors.  

Next I added an ornamental cabbage.

Then I added a small potted mum, a couple of small succulents and white mini pumpkins.  I found some pretty pine cones on a walk one day last week so I  added those too.

To cover the pots we tucked in some dried moss that we gotat  the Dollar Tree.  The moss really finished off the arrangement.  

This was a quick and easy project and it will last until Thanksgiving.  I love projects like that!  

Barb the birthday girl was so happy!  She loved creating a centerpiece for her birthday.  She is on the right in this picture.  After we made our centerpieces we took her to dinner.  

I hope you enjoyed the project this week.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Our weekend

It was a beautiful weekend in upstate NY.      This weekend was jammed packed with activities and fun. I love, love, love fall weekends and this weekend I enjoyed every single second. 

Friday night my friend Jenn and I planned a birthday surprise for our friend Barb. Jenn and I bought all of the supplies to make fall centerpieces and then we went to Jenn's house and put them together. It was so fun to put the flowers together.  I am going to show a full tutorial on them tomorrow for crafty Wednesday.  After we made our arrangements we went to dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant in Cooperstown.  It was really a great night!

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to go to a Rotary pancake breakfast.  The breakfast supports the Rotary Youth Exchange Program that Ava is participating in this year.  The breakfast was delicious!  

At the breakfast I got to meet the two exchange students that are in our town for the year.  It was great to meet them.  They were so cute and so far they are having a great year!

Saturday after breakfast my friend Rachael and her boys and I went to a pumpkin patch.  It was such a fun way to spend the afternoon.  We also stopped by the state police 100th anniversary party (the boys thought that was so fun!) and I picked Dalhia's at my neighbor's house.  She has so many and they are SO pretty. 

Saturday night Graig and I went out with friends to celebrate our friend Sheila's birthday.  We had dinner and listened to a dinner concert.  It was a fun night.  Here is a picture from the girls table.  The guys wanted their own table :)

Sunday I worked at a Community Connections event to introduce people in our community to various non profits.  I work part time for our community foundation.  We give small grants to other non-profits to do activities and events in our community. 

After my afternoon working I ended Sunday with a trip to Cooperstown with my friend Sabrina.  We went to small plates tasting event at the Farmer's Market.  All the foods we sampled were local and organic.  We got to try so many interesting foods.  My favorite were the pumpkin maple bacon cupcakes that are pictured below.  

I hope you had a great weekend and a good start to your week.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends!   I’m excited for a fun fall weekend.  We’ve got some fun things planned and a few house projects so it should be a good mix or work and fun.  I love weekends like that!  Today I am linking up with ErikaNarci and Andrea to share my Friday Favorites.

1.  I was so sad to learn about the horrible shooting in Las Vegas  earlier this week.  I’ve been watching the news and I’m devestated by it.  I feel awful for all the people that lost their lives or who were hurt by this terrible  tragedy. Next week at our October craft class for Branch and Bloom we will be collecting money to send the the Red Cross to help in Las Vegas. 

2.  I’ve spent the past two days at the Mohonk Mountain House at a conference for my part time non profit job for FOF. Its been a fabulous conference I’ve learned a lot for my job, met a lot of amazing people and have had a great time!  I’ve been taking morning hikes with my friend Petrea who is here with me.  The views are incredible!

3. For our October craft night for Branch and Bloom we are going to be making succulent pumpkin topiaries.  I made one as a sample and I just love it.  I love using succulents in our craft nights.

4.  Last Sunday was the 24th annual Pit Run.  It's a 5k or 10k road race in memory of a police officer killed in Oneonta in  1994. They also have have a 2 mile stroll. It's a really great event and I’ve been  on the planning committee for the past few years.  It’s a lot of work but it’s really amazing to be part of it.  Here's a picture of all the racers at the starting line.  I love seeing the big flag at the start line. 

5.  Yesterday I did my September book review. You can read my book review here.

6.  Tonight I’m going to make a fall centerpiece with some friends.  We have been gathering our supplies all week and it will be fun to put together.  This is our inspiration picture.
Hopefully they will turn out cute ❤️

That’s my Friday Favorites for this week.  I hope you have a great weekend!