Monday, June 27, 2016

Weekend fun!

This weekend was a fun one for us!!!

Friday morning Ava got her braces off!  She was so thrilled.

Here she is before 


And here we are with the doctor after she got them off.


After that we raced home to get ready for strawberry picking! We like to go every year. It's so fun.  It took us an hour and we picked 4 quarts.


After that we were SO hot we decided to go swimming at the lake.  


Ava and I went with my friend Rachael and he two boys.  They had a great time playing in the sand.



Sunday I went to a baby shower for my friend Faith.  She's having a little boy in August.


After the shower I went to a little pool party at my friend Lisa's.  It was a fun way to spend the afternoon!

This week we have a few fun summer things planned!  Hope you had a great weekend.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

8th grade graduation

Monday we celebrated Ava's 8th grade graduation.  It was s fun day and our little fashionista took ALL day to get ready.  Thankfully I was off work so I drive her to get a mani/pedi and then to my friend Rachael's house for hair.

We had a party for her at our house after the ceremony. I decorated our chalkboard and the hutch in our dining room for the festivities. 

I hung up pictures  of her throughout the years and I also got out a few of her baby picture books.  Everyone had fun looking at the pictures. 


Ava wore a striped dress to the graduation so I decided to wear one too!  Twinsies!...... I'm totally kidding she would have been mortified.  But I did wear a striped dress to run errands on Monday before graduation so we took a quick pic together before I changed clothes. 

Here are Graig, Ava and I before the ceremony.


Ava got a presidential gold award for having a 90 or better average in middle school. here she is getting her award.


After the ceremony we took lots of pictures with Ava and her friends.  It was cute to see them all dressed up.

Ava and Kelly.  Kelly rides with Graig and Ava to school every morning.  



Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Branch and Bloom {Body Scrubs}

Friday  we had our June craft night.  This month we made organic body scrubs.

Here are the tables all set up waiting for our crafters.



Our crafters loved making these scrubs! They each made 4 so they had a few extras to give away as gifts. 


Here is the recipe in case you want to make your own scrubs.

Organic Sugar Scrub
Combine 1/2 cup sugar (brown or white)
with 1/4 cup oil (coconut or olive)
5-8 drops essential oil (to your liking)
Mix well, scoop into jars. Enjoy! 


Here we are with out finished scrubs!


It was a great night.  And a big thanks goes out to my friend and business partner Rachael.  She did all of the work for this months craft.  Thanks Rachael :-) Next month we are making birdhouses!


Weekend Fun!

Saturday Ava and I woke up early to participate in a color run.  It is our second one and we had the best time!  We "ran" with my friend Rachael and her two boys.  I say "ran" because it was a 5k.  We walked all of it and our group was the second to last group to finish. We were so slow because Rachael's boys are little  (2 and 3) and they wanted to walk instead of being in their stroller.

Rachael's cousin Vicky and her Mom and daughter did the race too.  Here's a picture of all of us at the beginning of the race.



Ava held Hands with Lucas for a lot of the race. Here they are going through a color statuon. 

Here the kids are after the race.  They had so much fun at the color run!

After the race we had lunch and got ready for a ride on our friend Stephanie's new pontoon boat. Stephanie loves mojitos so we put together this boat warming basket for her :-) 


It was a beautiful day for a boat ride!

Stephanie has two boys and Rachael has two so we had lots of boys on our boat ride.

Rachael's son Noah drove the boat!

It was such a fun afternoon on the lake.  I hope we have many more boat days this summer!


Saturday night we met my friend Sabrina at the drive in movie.  We watched Finding Dory.  We will definitely need to go again this summer!  It was a great night!


Sunday I went hiking with my friend Lisa.  We went on a trail in our town and it was beautiful.  

We had a great weekend! 


Art in Bloom

Last Friday and Saturday my friends Rachael, Ashley and I competed in Art in Bloom.  It's a flower arranging competition that pairs artwork with flower arrangements.  We choose a challenging piece that wasn't my style at all. 

Here is the artwork that we chose to do.  


We talked a lot about what we wanted to do with this piece.  We decided to use feminine flowers and colors to balance out the masculinity of this piece.   We also decided not to buy any flowers this year.  We were able to get all of our flowers from our own gardens and from the garden of one other friend. I love the colors we chose.  So pretty!!



Here it is all set up in the gallery.


It's always fun to see what other people do do I snapped some pictures of other arrangements.




There were 12 total arrangements and we came in 4th place.  The last 2 years we came in 2nd so 4th place was disappointing but we had fun and we will definitely do it again next year!


Life lately

Last week was a hectic week for us!  I have so many things to post about but sadly not enough time to blog :-( Ava had final exams and Brock had a busy week with his summer job.  We were also able to sneak in a few fun things.

Brock is playing on a summer basketball league.  Here he is with some of his teammates.  They play on Sunday and I go watch him play.  Graig usually is the referee for his games which is fun.

Brock's BFF George texted  me this picture of the two of them when they were little :-) 


Tuesday's we have Taco night with my friend Lisa.  Graig is usually reffing so Ava and I go and we always have a good time.


Thursday I went out to lunch to celebrate my friend Inez's birthday.  She is one of my most favorite people ever and she gives the best advice and she has had more adventures than anyone I've ever met.  It was great to celebrate her!


I hope you had s great week!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Ava's 8th grade trip!

Ava and her class went to an amusement/waterpark for their 8th grade trip. She had a fabulous time!

Before the trip Ava's two besties spent the night at our house.  Here they are bright and early in the morning ready for the trip.

Ava loves rollercoasters!   Ava went with her friend Olivia on her first rollercoaster ride.

They rode rides all day long and had a great time!  

She has finals this week and next Monday is her 8th grade graduation. I can't belive she's going to be in high school next fall!

Saratoga Springs Girls Weekend

Saturday we left for our girls weekend getaway!  We had an amazing time and I am so thankful that I have these fun friends to do adventures with :)

Here we are in the car headed to Saratoga!

We stayed at the Gideon Putman and it was divine. It was a splurge but worth every.single.penny.  It was an amazing hotel and I want to go back and bring Graig, Brock and Ava.  I think they would absolutely love it! We choose to stay here because it's within walking distance to the Dixie Chicks concert which was great for us!  

When we arrived in Saratoga we walked around on Broadway where all the fancy shops and stores are at.  It was a beautiful!

Then we ate a late lunch at the Thisty Owl Saratoga.  Thirsty Owl was one of our favorite wineries from our Finger Lake Wine Tour last year.  

Here we all are at lunch!  There were 20 of us total so lunch was crazy but so fun.  Here are a few of us at lunch.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the concert.

Me and my roomies plus Stephanie who came to use a curling iron in our room.

A lot of people came to our room to hang out before the concert.  Here we all are before heading out to the concert!

Once we arrived at the concert we took a big group picture of (almost) all of us!

The concert was SO great.  We had lawn seats which were so fun.  We got to dance and talk and we all had the best time!

The next morning we took a picture in front of the hotel before we headed to breakfast.

We ate a quick breakfast at a bagel shop and then headed home.  Of course we stopped for one quick picture before leaving Saratoga.

It was a great weekend!