Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Weekend Fun!

Saturday Ava and I woke up early to participate in a color run.  It is our second one and we had the best time!  We "ran" with my friend Rachael and her two boys.  I say "ran" because it was a 5k.  We walked all of it and our group was the second to last group to finish. We were so slow because Rachael's boys are little  (2 and 3) and they wanted to walk instead of being in their stroller.

Rachael's cousin Vicky and her Mom and daughter did the race too.  Here's a picture of all of us at the beginning of the race.



Ava held Hands with Lucas for a lot of the race. Here they are going through a color statuon. 

Here the kids are after the race.  They had so much fun at the color run!

After the race we had lunch and got ready for a ride on our friend Stephanie's new pontoon boat. Stephanie loves mojitos so we put together this boat warming basket for her :-) 


It was a beautiful day for a boat ride!

Stephanie has two boys and Rachael has two so we had lots of boys on our boat ride.

Rachael's son Noah drove the boat!

It was such a fun afternoon on the lake.  I hope we have many more boat days this summer!


Saturday night we met my friend Sabrina at the drive in movie.  We watched Finding Dory.  We will definitely need to go again this summer!  It was a great night!


Sunday I went hiking with my friend Lisa.  We went on a trail in our town and it was beautiful.  

We had a great weekend!