Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bittersweet weekend

This weekend is bittersweet for our family because this is Brock's last weekend playing Little League baseball.  We are so sad because this has been such a huge part of our summer for the past 3 summers.  We are SO close to a lot of the families that he plays with and we are going to miss seeing them almost every day after the season is over.  Here are some pictures from Brock's game today. 

He was saying Mom put the camera away!  Don't take my picture-ha ha! 
Brock with his friend Theo. 

Brock pitched a little bit today.  I have a sports setting on my camera so I took some pictures of him pitching.   I love this setting because a whole bunch of pictures in a row.    He only pitched one inning today and he struck out all 3 batters that he faced!  Good job Brock!

Tomorrow is our last day of Little League baseball.  We have one (maybe 2 if we win) games tomorrow.  In between our games we are going to have an end of the year cookout for all the families on the team.  It should be a fun day!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday, Wednesday!

Yesterday I got my house cleaned up and organized and I feel SO good to have things pretty much caught up at home! 

Ava had some friends over and they got ice cream and worked on cheerleading stunts.   There is an ice cream truck in our town that drives around.  The girls were SO excited when they heard the music from the ice cream truck they were playing upstairs and they ran downstairs screaming because they were so excited!

I also had some extra blueberries t so I made the Pioneer Woman's Blueberry crumbcake that she had posted on her blog earlier this week.  It was really good.  Brock liked it but he thought that it needed less blueberries-ha ha!

I also made some baked ziti, garlic bread and brownies for our neigbor who just had her 4th baby!  I think these brownies look SO good! 

I also wrote this little note to Brock and Kyle on the chalkboard in our dining room.  Playoffs for Brock and Kyle start on Friday!

Have a good Thursday!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Catch up!!

Tonight Brock and Kyle both have baseball games that are away.  I always go to Brock's away games but tonight I have decided to stay home and clean up our VERY messy house.  I hate missing his game but since I work full time and after work and on the weekends we have games, activities, etc things just don't get done.  So tonight I want to stay home and tackle picking up our house.  We usually have a cleaning lady that comes 1 x per week which is great,  but this week Graig didn't want her to come because he is at home this week working on house projects.

I have been using this to-do list for a few months now and it has kept me on track with our home stuff for the most part. I found it at her southern charm.  I love this blog!  This month has been a little harder because I work all day and when I come home I have about 45 minutes to get ready to go to baseball games so A LOT of things haven't gotten done this month but I am trying to get more organized. Again all these pics are from my iphone because I have lost my camera cord.  I hope I find it soon!

I also made up these weekly menus and daily workout schedule that I will use in the fall when things get back to normal.  I have not been working out regularly and I really want to start up again soon.  I also like this weekly menu and weekly grocery list because we go out to eat WAY to much!  When I look at our credit card bill each month it is crazy to see how much we go out to eat.  It's a really bad habit that we really need to break!

Graig and I have also been using our summer to-do list to mark off projects that we (ok I) want to complete before the end of the summer.  It's SO nice when we can check something off of our to-do list!
As you can see we still have a lot of projects left to complete.  I hope that we can get all of these things done before school starts in the fall.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hobby Lobby finds!

When Ava and I were in Illinois for my sister's baby shower the one thing that I wanted to do was find a Hobby Lobby to do a little shopping for our house!  We have HL's in NY but the closest one to my house is 2 hours away!  I am SO jealous of people that have HL's right in the town where they live!  If they had one in my town I would be there every day-ha ha!
Anyway, we went right after dinner on the first night we were in Illinois.  I got the cutest things!  Most of the things that I got were from the 80% off aisle!  I LOVE that sections, there are so many cute things there!  I can't find my camera cord so these pics are from my iphone and aren't the best quality!

Glass jar-I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this in the 80% off aisle!  I love it right now I have sea shells in it for summer but in the fall I will change it over to leaves or pumpkins!

Silver candle holder  I actually used this as part of my sister's candy buffet at her shower!  The best part was that it was only $2!!

White cake stand-this is not from Hobby Lobby but from a thift store that we went to that is called "Saturday morning" because it's only open on Saturday mornings.  They had so many adorable things in that store but I only got this one little thing because with Ava and Anika  plus all the shower stuff I brought I didn't have too much room in my car!

Have a great week!  This is Brock's last full week of baseball so we have games every night this week!

Baseball, baseball, baseball!!

This summer we have been going to baseball games almost every night!  It seems like all we do is go to games!  I am not complaining at all we love going and watching the games and hanging out with our friends!
Here are some pictures from the Outlaw games.  We have one of the players living with us this summer.    His name is Kyle and we all just LOVE him!  He is the best. He plays first base and is a lefty just like Brock!  A few weeks ago his parents came from California for his team's family week.  It was SO nice to meet them!

Kyle, Ava and Brock right after one of Kyle's games. 
A close up of Kyle he was NOT happy about me taking this picture-ha ha!

Kyle with his parents, they are the BEST!  It was great meeting them and watching a few games with them. 
Besides Trish, Kyle's Mom, Ava is his BIGGEST fan! 

Here is all of us with Kyle at Applebees!

Brock's all star team has won two tournaments so far this season!!
These pictures are from the first tournament that his team won (thanks Abby for emailing me these pictures!!)

Since Graig is the coach he got to hand out the trophies which were baseballs (can you say LAME! usually when they win tournaments the boys get trophies)

Here is the whole team with their baseballs
Guess what we have this weekend?  More BASEBALL!  It's ok we wouldn't have it any other way!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shelby's shower!

My sister Shelby is expecting her first baby on October 1. She is having a baby girl! A couple of  weekends ago Ava and I traveled to Illinois for her baby shower which was hosted by her mother in law Linda and me. Her nursery colors are light pink and brown and we used those colors as the main colors for the shower! Linda did the games and I made the candy buffet.

Here are some pictures from Shelby’s special day!

The candy buffet!  I made this, Ava and I picked out all of the pink candy.  It was a big hit with the kids-ha ha!

The gift table!  Shelby got SO many nice gifts! 

Here's the room all decorated in pink and brown!

Here is a close up of one of the center pieces.  My sister's Mother-in-law Linda made them.  I think they turned out SO cute!

The cake since they don't have a name picked out yet we had their last name put on the cake. 
Ryan's cousin made this beautiful edible arrangement!

Here are the cute little girl cutouts from one of the games we played!

Shelby and Ryan opening their presents.  Ryan wasn't there for the whole shower but he came in to help my sister open her gifts which I thought was nice!  Our Dad and Ryan's Dad also came in and sat in the back for the opening of the gifts!  Ava and her friend Anika helped put away the gifts after they were opened. 

Ava and Anika at the candy buffet

Ava, Anika and Aunt Shelby!

Here are some other pictutes from the weekend.  We went out to eat A LOT and did some shopping at Target and Hobby Lobby!  Graig always says that the only things my family likes to do are shop and  go out to eat-he is SO right-ha ha!

Ava and Anika at our first hotel in Columnus, Ohio.  It had a kitchenette and the girls were so excited about having a kitchen in our hotel room so they wanted me to take their picture!
Ava and Aunt Shelby at Steak and Shake!
Dad, Vicki and Shelby hanging out by the pool!
We ordered breadsticks from Papa John's-SOOO good!

Ava and Anika with Uncle Ryan. They LOVED swimming with him!

Anika and Ava in the pool!

My Dad bought   a new piece of property so he took us on a little tour.  The girls loved riding in the wagon!
Shelby and Ryan with his parents. 
Shelby and me!
Ava and Anika in the little attic space of my Dad's new shed.  It was SO hot up there but the girls loved it!

I am so glad that Ava and I went to Illinois for my sister's baby shower.  It was a LONG drive but so worth it!  We had a ton of fun and we can't wait to go back when the baby is born!!