Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Catch up!!

Tonight Brock and Kyle both have baseball games that are away.  I always go to Brock's away games but tonight I have decided to stay home and clean up our VERY messy house.  I hate missing his game but since I work full time and after work and on the weekends we have games, activities, etc things just don't get done.  So tonight I want to stay home and tackle picking up our house.  We usually have a cleaning lady that comes 1 x per week which is great,  but this week Graig didn't want her to come because he is at home this week working on house projects.

I have been using this to-do list for a few months now and it has kept me on track with our home stuff for the most part. I found it at her southern charm.  I love this blog!  This month has been a little harder because I work all day and when I come home I have about 45 minutes to get ready to go to baseball games so A LOT of things haven't gotten done this month but I am trying to get more organized. Again all these pics are from my iphone because I have lost my camera cord.  I hope I find it soon!

I also made up these weekly menus and daily workout schedule that I will use in the fall when things get back to normal.  I have not been working out regularly and I really want to start up again soon.  I also like this weekly menu and weekly grocery list because we go out to eat WAY to much!  When I look at our credit card bill each month it is crazy to see how much we go out to eat.  It's a really bad habit that we really need to break!

Graig and I have also been using our summer to-do list to mark off projects that we (ok I) want to complete before the end of the summer.  It's SO nice when we can check something off of our to-do list!
As you can see we still have a lot of projects left to complete.  I hope that we can get all of these things done before school starts in the fall.


Janna said...

You seem really organized, but I guess you have to be when you're really busy.