Friday, July 23, 2010

Hobby Lobby finds!

When Ava and I were in Illinois for my sister's baby shower the one thing that I wanted to do was find a Hobby Lobby to do a little shopping for our house!  We have HL's in NY but the closest one to my house is 2 hours away!  I am SO jealous of people that have HL's right in the town where they live!  If they had one in my town I would be there every day-ha ha!
Anyway, we went right after dinner on the first night we were in Illinois.  I got the cutest things!  Most of the things that I got were from the 80% off aisle!  I LOVE that sections, there are so many cute things there!  I can't find my camera cord so these pics are from my iphone and aren't the best quality!

Glass jar-I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this in the 80% off aisle!  I love it right now I have sea shells in it for summer but in the fall I will change it over to leaves or pumpkins!

Silver candle holder  I actually used this as part of my sister's candy buffet at her shower!  The best part was that it was only $2!!

White cake stand-this is not from Hobby Lobby but from a thift store that we went to that is called "Saturday morning" because it's only open on Saturday mornings.  They had so many adorable things in that store but I only got this one little thing because with Ava and Anika  plus all the shower stuff I brought I didn't have too much room in my car!

Have a great week!  This is Brock's last full week of baseball so we have games every night this week!


Michelle said...

You are such a great bargin shopper!

Janna said...

You got some great stuff. H.L. has such cute stuff and I am lucky to have one like a mile away.

Jill said...

Great finds at Hobby Lobby! I'm glad you got to visit a Hobby Lobby... it's a fun store!