Thursday, July 15, 2010


The last week at the Eichler house has been a whirlwind! We have been busy, busy, busy! I have been SO busy I haven’t had any time to post about our adventures. I just downloaded 200 pictures that I have taken in the last week! This past week we celebrated 4th of July, met Kyle’s parents who were visiting him from California, and went to my sister’s baby shower in Illinois!

Here are some pictures from our 4th of July festivities!
We watched fireworks at night. We went with our friends and their daughter Eliza LOVED the fireworks. It was so cute to see her get so excited! Ava loves spending time with Eliza.

Brock and his baseball team sold drinks at our hometown 4th of July celebration. Brock was down at the park ALL day on July 4 selling drinks! I think he really enjoyed it! It was his job to collect the money.  Here is a picture of the whole team!

We had a barbeque with our friends, it was SO hot so we spent most of the day inside!

Graig and Aaron
Sabrina and Shawn

Ava and me

Brock's friend Trey who moved to Washington State was visiting family in NY so we went out to lunch with his family.  Brock loved visiting with him!

Brock and Trey with Ava and Trey's younger brother Evan!

We also met Kyle’s parents who are in NY for the week visiting Kyle. They are SO nice! We went out to dinner with them a couple of times and we watched some of Kyle’s games with them. They are great! I am so glad we got a chance to meet them!

 Last Thursday morning Ava, our neighbor (and Ava’s BFF) Anika, and I left for Illinois for my sister’s baby shower! We drove and drove and drove on Thursday and they did really great in the car! We got to our hotel in Columbus, Ohio at about 6pm and the girls swam in the hotel pool.

Tomorrow I am going to post all about my sister’s baby shower. It was the cutest shower ever! Her colors were light pink and brown.

Happy Thursday!!


Janna said...

It looks like your summer has been a busy one already. I can't wait to see your pics from Michelle's baby shower.