Monday, July 25, 2016

Memorial flowers

My friend Amy asked me and some other friends to put together the centerpieces for her Mothetr in law Carole's memorial service luncheon.  

Carole loved Cape Cod's blue hydrangeas so we decided to do our centerpieces using blue hydrangea as the focal point.  The only problem is NY doesn't have a lot of blue hydrangea.  Here they are  white or purple.  So I looked on Pinterest and saw we could spray paint them,  so that is what we did!

We took turns using the blue spray paint.  We sprayed in short bursts and shook the flowers after we sprayed them to distribute the paint.  We learned a little paint goes a long way!

We did the spraying and painting at Rachael's house and she is always the hostess with the mostess and had snacks for is to eat while we worked. 


We mixed the hydrangea with  green ferns and     hosta  leaves. 


We put our arrangements in big mason jars and added burlap ribbon. 


I think they turned out beautiful.  Each of Any's friends added something to the arrangements. One friend bought the mason jars, two friends provided the flowers, two brought greens.  I thought that was a sweet touch.

I hope Amy and her family love the arrangements and I hope they bring a small bit of comfort in this sad time.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Summer fun!

Wednesday  my friend Lisa and our girls went on a little summer adventure close to home.   It was a great day!!  

We started the day by renting kayaks on a creek/lake. We got doubles so Lisa and her daughter went together and Ava and I went together.  We spent hours paddling.  It was a perfect day for kayaking-sunny and not humid at all.






After kayaking we came home and got ready to go to Cooperstown for the night.  We went to see the play the Crucible. It was amazing!  They did the play in an amphitheater right on the lake.  The view was incredible!


I was so impressed by the quality of the performance and the costumes.  It was truly a great experience and I'm so glad we went!


While we were at the play the girls hung out with Grandna Jan.  They had a great night eating pizza and taking a trolley ride around town. 

It was a great day!


Friday Favorites!

I'm SO happy it's Fri-yay!!!!!  We've had a busy night and I'm thrilled it's finally the weekend!!!

Today I'm linking up to show some of my favorite things from the week.

1. Norah Jones-Last night my friend Inez  and I went to her concert.  It was an outside show and people bright blankets and chairs to sit on.   It was a beautiful night and the perfect night for an outdoor show. 
I love being right up front for concerts and we managed to get up to the front row for the concert.  It was fabulous.  We had a blast! 




2. Tonight we are having a family fun night at home!  This summer has been so busy and the 4 of us haven't had a night home together in a long time.  We are going to cookout, play cards and have a bonfire.  I can't wait!  Graig and I are hosting a pitch tournament at the end of the summer so we are gong to play tonight so the kids can learn to play too.  I'm looking SO forward to tonight!


3. This weekend is induction weekend at the Baseball Hall of Fame. We are going to go watch the parade on Saturday night which is always fun! 


4.  Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite summer flower (after peonies) and they are in bloom all over now!   It makes me so happy to see them.  Some friends and I are putting together 12 hydrangea arrangements today for our friend Amy's mother in laws funeral reception tomorrow.  It's a sad time for her family but I'm so glad we can help out by doing the arrangements.  


I hope you have a great weekend

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Faith's shower

Sunday my friend Rachael hosted a fabulous brunch time sprinkle for our friend Faith. 

It was a fun afternoon being with my girlfriends and  celebrating Faith.



Delicious lemon cupcakes 


The drink station ready for the party guests!



Sabrina and me ready to celebrate!


Eliza was so cute with baby Miles



Gorgeous favorite!

My friend Stephanie made this delicious antipasto platter

Faith loves coffee so Rachael came up with this sweet favor.


I love these girls. I'm so glad we can do live together and I'm THRILLED for our Faithy. 


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Crafty Wednesday {succulent Box}

Summer is flying by and sadly I don't have time to do many crafts :-(. But a few weeks ago I made a box of succulents for our deck.

This is the finished product.  I'm thrilled how it turned out!


I bought a wooden box similar to the ones below at a farm stand.  Graig added a piece of wood to the back so I could add soil for my succulents.


I filled my box with soil I added my succulents.   I broke up my succulents into little pieces and filled up my box with a wide variety of plants.


I love succulents because they are so easy.  I don't really have to do anything to care for this  arrangement except bring it inside when it rains because succulents don't like much water.  


This was a fun little afternoon project to put together.

Celebrating Sabrina!

Thursday my dear friend Sabrina celebrated her 44th birthday!  Sabrina LOVES her birthday so we celebrated in style with a four day birthday extravaganza which was filled with summer fun, laughs, and friends!

We started by taking a trip to Kaaterskill Falls which is s two stage  waterfall in the Catskills.  


We started out bright and early and the kids fell asleep in the back seat.


The hike is only 1/2 mile but it straight uphill over giant boulders, tree roots, mud, etc.


There was a swimming hill at the top so we stopped for a little swim.



The next day we celebrated with a date night with our husbands


The day after that we met some more friends for a fun day in Coopetstown and Otsego Lake. Stephanie got a boat this summer which had been so great!  

We started the day with a trip to the Farmers Market.  


We met grandma Jan for lunch.

 After lunch we headed to the boat!  We picked up Shannon and Amy  at Shannon's lake house and they joined us for an afternoon on the boat!


 Stephanie was a great driver and she was a doll to drive us around all day :-)  Sabrina and I tubed the entire length of the lake-7 miles!!! 

After a sun filled day on the lake we ended the night with dinner at the Otesaga hotel. 


We also bumped into our friend Inez who was at a wedding at the hotel!


The next day  our friend Lisa hosted a pool party at her house for Sabrina. It was a relaxing way to wrap up the weekend. We didn't take many pictures but Ava got this one of Lucas eating cake on my lap.  Lucas loves his cake!  


It was a fun filled four days for Sabrina!


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Life lately

We have been living it up and enjoying every second of summer!  It's been a great week filled with friends and lots of fun in the sun.

I love going to baseball games in the summer.  Not to watch the games but to socialize and have fun!  


Last week we also had Bunco at my friend Debbie's.  We had it outside and it was gorgeous!  


Saturday we went to two high school graduation parties.  It rained most of the day and both parties were outside under pavilions. Everyone managed to have a great time though! 


My friend Sabrina's son Ethan surrounded by all of us crazy old ladies and poor Ava who looks miserable :-) 

There was a beautiful double rainbow at our second graduation party for my friend Inez's son.  


Sunday we spent all day watching Brock and Ava  play basketball at the Gus Macker.   Ava's team came in second in their age bracket. 


It's been a fabulous week!