Monday, July 25, 2016

Memorial flowers

My friend Amy asked me and some other friends to put together the centerpieces for her Mothetr in law Carole's memorial service luncheon.  

Carole loved Cape Cod's blue hydrangeas so we decided to do our centerpieces using blue hydrangea as the focal point.  The only problem is NY doesn't have a lot of blue hydrangea.  Here they are  white or purple.  So I looked on Pinterest and saw we could spray paint them,  so that is what we did!

We took turns using the blue spray paint.  We sprayed in short bursts and shook the flowers after we sprayed them to distribute the paint.  We learned a little paint goes a long way!

We did the spraying and painting at Rachael's house and she is always the hostess with the mostess and had snacks for is to eat while we worked. 


We mixed the hydrangea with  green ferns and     hosta  leaves. 


We put our arrangements in big mason jars and added burlap ribbon. 


I think they turned out beautiful.  Each of Any's friends added something to the arrangements. One friend bought the mason jars, two friends provided the flowers, two brought greens.  I thought that was a sweet touch.

I hope Amy and her family love the arrangements and I hope they bring a small bit of comfort in this sad time.