Monday, August 1, 2016

Life lately

Last weekend Ava and I went to Cooperstown for the Hall of Fame parade.  It was a fun event!  We got to see so many hall of famers!


It was so fun and SO crowded!  We arrived right when in started and had to sqeeze in to see the parade.  


Grandma Jan came to the parade with us too which was so fun!

Monday night my bestie R hosted book club.  She made  this adorable fruit platter using letter cookie cutters. it turned out so cute!  


Tuesday night I went to a fundraising event with some girlfriends.  At the event everyone donates $100 and the group listens to 3 presentations and decides where the money should go.   My friend M gave a wonderful speech on a violence prevention program and it won!  $7,100 was donated to that organization!  It was a great night.  

Ava and I have been spending a lot of time swimming this summer.  I am so thankful that so many of our friends have pools.  It's a great way to cool off in the afternoon heat!


I hope you had a great week