Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekend fun!

Friday Ava and went back to school shopping. She starts her freshman year of high school this year!   She got a ton of stuff and we only need need a few more things and she'll be set for the year!


Saturday was my bestie S's birthday!  I posted these pics of us on fb to wish her a happy birthday.  


Saturday our friends B and M had a party.  It was a fun time.  They had a band and everyone danced and ate it was so fun! S wore her birthday crown all night :-) 


We even took a golf cart ride!  

I love my pineapple plant and it's been doing growing all summer.  It takes forever to grow a pineapple btw :-) Sadly yesterday a squirrel had a few bites of it :-(. 


That was our weekend!!