Thursday, August 25, 2016


This past few weeks have been a whirlwind full of fun, friends and parties.  I am really trying to enjoy every single second of the summer.   

Last Wednesday we had a birthday party for four friends celebrating August birthdays.  It was a great night!  


Rachael and I made the 4 birthday girls these little serving trays.  I'm going to show a tutorial on them next week.  They were so easy to make and the birthday girls loved them!


Friday Brock left for Arizona.  Ava took this selfie of us on his last night at home :-) 


Saturday we celebrated my friend Debbie's birthday!  It was a beautiful night and it was such a fun party!


Sunday, Sabrina and I went to our friend Melinda's house to rescue barn board from a falling down property near Melinda's farm.  We got all sorts of wood to make different projects.  I made serving trays, candle holders and I got wood to make shelves for two of our bathrooms.  I will show all of my projects next week!  


Monday I went to the Glimmerglass Opera.  It was my first time going and it was fabulous.  The singers were so talented and the opera was beautiful. It was an amazing experience!

That was our week!


Sabrina Beckerink said...

You forgot our Ithaca trip!!!