Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!


Friday, October 15, 2010

our office!

Today on Kelly's Korner home tour is home offices.

Last spring I painted the shelves in our office black. I really like the way they turned out but I don't think I ever showed them on here. They are very large and take up one whole side of our office. I like that they also have 4 cabinets (one in each corner) for storage.

Here is a close up picture of the shelves.

When I was in Illinois I got this cork board at Hobby Lobby. I LOVE it!!

Ava put on the pictures for me and she said that they are mainly pictures of her with just a couple of Brock-ha ha!

This is a picture I made out of scrapbook paper. This used to be a large canvas I didn't like the picture anymore but I wanted to re-use the canvas because it was so big (and expensive!)

This is our blanket chest/bench that I think works really well in there. We also use this for extra seating sometimes.

 Our Office is really small but I am glad that we have the room, it's right off of our dining room.     Graig uses our office way more than I do I think  it's his favorite room in the house.  He does all of his Little League stuff in there and he has file drawers for all of our paperwork he loves organizing our paperwork (yes he's a dork-ha ha!).   

Graig and Brock's Little League Pictures    

Our house was built in 1920 and I think our office used to be a 4th bedroom.  We have a teeny tiny bathroom that is attached to our Office that was a closet before it was a bathroom.  Here are some pictures of that bathroom. 

I hope you enjoyed our office tour.  Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dining Room cabinet and hutch

Last Saturday I decided to paint the cabinet and hutch in our dining room.  It was black but I decided to repaint it a light blue color and then I put a brown glaze on the top of it.  I really like the change!  The color I used was SW Oyster Bay and for the inside of the hutch I used Behr Promenade.  I really can't tell the difference between the 2 colors the oyster bay is a robin's egg blue color and the promenade is the green color that is in my  kitchen. 

Happy Thursday!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Flower Box

This weekend we had a frost so all of my summer plants died :(  When I took Ava to the pumpkin patch I got some little pumpkins and gourds for the planter next to the side of our house. I also put some fake pumpkins from the Dollar Tree in there too.  The scarecrows I got from the Dollar Tree and the white tree is from Pottery Barn. 

 I really like this cabbage plant that I got this fall!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend wrap up!!

The most exciting thing that happened this weekend was the birth of Ainsley Allison my brand new niece and Brock and Ava's first cousin!

I love her so much already!  I love this sweet little hat on her head.  My sister says that volunteers make them for all the baby's in the hospital.  They should be coming home from the hospital today.  My sister is SO ready to be home and sleep in her own bed!  

This weekend Brock had 2 baseball games.  He pitched in the first game and he struck out 10 batters!  Thankfully the weather was perfect and Sunday was a great day for his baseball games. 
After the games I took Ava and her friend Anika to a Pumpkin Patch near our house.  We went on a hayride and they each picked out two pumpkins. 
Here is a picture of Ava from the Pumpkin Patch (this is with my iphone so the quality isn't that great)

I got this gourd that I think is really pretty.  I have never seen one like this before.   They lady that checked us out said I could dry it so I am going to look up how to do online to see how to do that. 

I also did this quick little project.  I put numbers on the candy jar in our kitchen.  I really like the way it turned out! 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ainsley Allison

Brock and Ava FINALLY have a first cousin!  My sister Shelby  had her baby yesterday!  We are SO happy for her and Ryan,  they have waited a long time to have a baby.  Ainsley Allison was born at 12:37 am on October 9 and she weighed 7lbs 9 oz.   Michelle sent me these pictures from her iphone today.  Isn't she precious??

We can't wait to visit my family meet baby Ainsley in Illinois at Thanksgiving!  I can't wait for Brock and Ava to meet her.  I have pictures of her on my phone and Brock and Ava have been looking at them all day.  They love their cousin SO much already!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Show us you Life-Kitchens!

Today Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life is Kitchens!!  My kitchen (like every one's)  is the most important room in our house.  Our house was built in 1920 so it is also the smallest ( I guess big kitchens weren't that important in 1920??) and the first room that you walk into when you come into our house using our side door (which everyone does!). 

My biggest DIY project so far has been painting our kitchen and kitchen cabinets. I did the BIG project the week between Christmas and new years. I LOVE the way it turned out but it was a ton of work! When we moved in our kitchen was knotty pine-yuck!!! It was awful!
I love the rest of our house and the kitchen was my least favorite room. Right after we moved in Graig, my Dad and I spent a few days and painted our whole kitchen blue. I liked the way it looked for a few years but after a while I wanted a change! So right after Christmas I decided to get to work. It took a lot of work but I am SO glad I did it! I really, really like our kitchen now!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our kitchen.  It will be fun to go through and see everyone else's kitchen!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A few more halloween things!

I am STILL decorating for Halloween, I put a few more things out this week.

I think this little witch is SO cute, I downloaded it here from Centsational Girl.  I love her blog!  It's really a label she made for a beer bottle.  She also made kid friendly labels for juice boxes and water bottles which are adorable!  I put it in a black frame  from from the Dollar Tree and added it to our bar in our Dining Room. 

 Here is a pumpkin that I printed out online from The Graphics Fairy.  I put it in a Dollar Store Frame and added it to our downstairs bathroom.   

I think I am finished decorating for the fall!   Our house is full of leaves and pumpkins.  I don't think Graig can take anymore decorations-ha ha!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tray makeover

I bought a wooden tray at a yard sale for 25 cents, I spray painted it off white and added a vinyl stick on from the Dollar Tree.  I think it turned out really cute!

I LOVE cheap and easy projects like this!  Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween Decorating!

This past weekend I did a little decorating for Halloween!  It might still be a little early but I love getting my halloween decorations out every fall.  

Here is a pillow that I got years ago at Kohl's.  I still love it!  I put it on a chair in our living room.

I added this little trick or treat wooden sign to a wreath that I already had hanging up in our living room. 

I printed out this pumpkin picture from The Graphics Fairy.  I like it because it's "fallish" and not "halloweenish" so I can keep it up until Thanksgiving!

 This is another picture I got from the graphics fairy.  I added the squares of scrapbook paper because the picture wasn't big enough.  I LOVE the colors in this picture.  This is another thing that I am going to keep up until Thanksgiving!
 I went to my favorite fall craft store on Saturday and bought these cute little pumpkins for my glass jar in our kitchen.  I also got my first ever CLOCHE!  I am SO excited.  I am in the process of painting a table baclk in my living room because I think it will my cloche will look better on a black table-ha ha!

I also put out a few other things that I will show later on this week.  Happy Monday!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

This is the life...

Graig has been traveling for his job for a week and a half.  He will be home this weekend thank goodness we all miss him!  Things go much smoother when he is here.

Last night he sent me a picture of this cinnamon roll with only these words 
This is the life... and it had a picture of this cinnabon cinnamon roll-ha!  Those are his favorite and we don't have one where we live.  I think he is enjoying eating out all the time!

Yesterday Brock and I made Apple Crisp.I posted this recipie on my blog last fall and you can find the recipe here.    This is one of our favorite things to eat in the fall.  He DID NOT want me to take his picture so he made a silly face-ha ha!  He does like cooking with me and he likes making things on his own.  I am SO glad that he likes to cook.  His future wife will be very happy that he knows how to cook :)

We don't have any big plans for the weekend.  It is suppose to be chilly so we will probably stay close to home which is ok with me!  I have some craft projects I want to finish and some DVR'd shows that I want to watch.