Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Holiday Market

I am the worlds worst blogger!  Things got crazy and I never completed my 31 day series on working out.  I'm going to do one post a week on a workout topic to catch up. 
Today I want to talk about the Holiday Market that I hosted with some friends over the weekend.  We all spent a crazy week making crafts and then we hosted an open house and invited people to come and shop. We had it on Sunday and it was a great afternoon.  Here are some pictures from our displays.

Here are three things that I made to sell. 

These wreaths are really easy to make.  I used fresh boxwood and I loved the way the turned out!  

Graig found these old boards for me and I traced joy on them.  I think this sign would look great on a mantle at Christmas.  

I also made these sweet mercury glass votive holders. 

It was an exhausting, and thankfully, successful day and we have already started planning for next year!  Happy Wednesday