Friday, October 15, 2010

our office!

Today on Kelly's Korner home tour is home offices.

Last spring I painted the shelves in our office black. I really like the way they turned out but I don't think I ever showed them on here. They are very large and take up one whole side of our office. I like that they also have 4 cabinets (one in each corner) for storage.

Here is a close up picture of the shelves.

When I was in Illinois I got this cork board at Hobby Lobby. I LOVE it!!

Ava put on the pictures for me and she said that they are mainly pictures of her with just a couple of Brock-ha ha!

This is a picture I made out of scrapbook paper. This used to be a large canvas I didn't like the picture anymore but I wanted to re-use the canvas because it was so big (and expensive!)

This is our blanket chest/bench that I think works really well in there. We also use this for extra seating sometimes.

 Our Office is really small but I am glad that we have the room, it's right off of our dining room.     Graig uses our office way more than I do I think  it's his favorite room in the house.  He does all of his Little League stuff in there and he has file drawers for all of our paperwork he loves organizing our paperwork (yes he's a dork-ha ha!).   

Graig and Brock's Little League Pictures    

Our house was built in 1920 and I think our office used to be a 4th bedroom.  We have a teeny tiny bathroom that is attached to our Office that was a closet before it was a bathroom.  Here are some pictures of that bathroom. 

I hope you enjoyed our office tour.  Happy Friday!


Janna said...

Your office is really cute. I'm jealous of all of your built ins.

Carolina Carters said...

Your office is great. I love the black shelves!