Saturday, July 2, 2016

Hospice Concert

Last night was the Hospice fundraiser featuring Pat Benatar.  It was SO fun!  It really is one of the craziest nights of the year  in our little town.  

The night includes the concert, delicious food and beverages. 

Graig didn't go so we took a quick pic before I left. 

Sabrina and me :-). This was the only time we sat down all night. 


The night consisted of talking and taking pictures. I always love this event because I know so many people that go and we always have a great time. 


The opening singer was Lindsay Ell.  We got to go back stage and take a picture with her!


Graig's boss was there so we took a pic


It was a celebrity party and the celebrities were ESPN people.  I had no idea who they were but I thought Graig might so we took pictures with them too.



Ava's basketball coaches and my friend Teri in red.  


 My four bff's :-). I love these girls so much!


My beautiful friend Kacy 

My friend Monica and me :-) 


After mixing and mingling we made our way to the very front of the stage for the concert.  We manage to get in the front row every year and it's great!


Lindsay Ell the opening act ahe was fabulous!


Front row craziness!

I love this picture of my  friends. I wish I could crop myself out I have no idea why my mouth is open and I'm not smiling.  


Pat Benatar  was amazing and she played all of her hits. I loved the concert so much!


After the concert  the guitar player he gave me his drum sticks because he said he could tell I had the best time dancing and singing. It was nice he came down and took pictures with us after the show. 


Here's one last pic from our wild and crazy night.  My friends Lynn and Rachael.  We had so much fun and I can't wait til next year!