Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Our weekend!

We spent Saturday at two high school graduation parties which was so fun!  I love going to graduation parties it's so great to see everyone and each one is unique.

First up was Pat's.  I loved the sign his parents had made for him.


Next up was Maeve's.  I loved the cake at her party!


Poor Ava has been going to fitness camp in the mornings.  The poor child is exhausted and her legs hurt so much so she has been using  my roller to roll out her sore muscles. 


Sunday I went to Ithaca with Lisa and Sabrina to visit Cornell University and to go to a state park.

Cornell was beautiful.  Here is a picture of us in one of the old buildings.


At Cornell there are several suspension bridges the go across the gorges. Sadly they recently put up netting to surround the bridges because students were jumping off the bridges to commit suicide.  So so tragic.

Here is a picture of us on one of the bridges.


After our quick trip to Cornell we raced to Tremain State Park for lunch snd some swimming.

Isn't it SO beautiful?! 


The water was so cold only 62 degrees! The kids loved it but I only went in up to my waist because  it was so chilly!


After an afternoon at the lake we raced home to get ready for our friend Melinda's card party.  We played Pitch.  We were paired up with our husbands and we played all 12 couples during the night.  Sadly Graig and I lost :-(. We had a great time though and I can't wait to do it again!


Hope your weekend was great!