Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Crafty Wednesday {succulent Box}

Summer is flying by and sadly I don't have time to do many crafts :-(. But a few weeks ago I made a box of succulents for our deck.

This is the finished product.  I'm thrilled how it turned out!


I bought a wooden box similar to the ones below at a farm stand.  Graig added a piece of wood to the back so I could add soil for my succulents.


I filled my box with soil I added my succulents.   I broke up my succulents into little pieces and filled up my box with a wide variety of plants.


I love succulents because they are so easy.  I don't really have to do anything to care for this  arrangement except bring it inside when it rains because succulents don't like much water.  


This was a fun little afternoon project to put together.