Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our Outlaw!

This summer we are a host family for a college age baseball player that is going to be playing baseball in our town this summer.  The team he is playing in is a developmental team for college players to keep up their skills so they can continue playing at a high level.  Our player Kyle hopes to play major league baseball someday!

He got to our house on Tuesday at about noon after flying all night from his home in Southern California!  We are in upstate NY so it was a looong flight for him!  He slept a little Tuesday afternoon and then got us and went to Brock's Little League game with us which was fun.  He was a celebrity down at the Little League field-ha ha!

 His parents raised him right, he is polite, kind and so sweet with Ava and Brock!   Ava is like his shadow and won't leave him alone.  She even showed him how she can jump on our trampoline.  Poor Kyle!

Kyle's first game as an Outlaw was on Thursday night.  Here are some pictures from the game.

Kyle signing autographs before the game.  Of couse Ava was right there with him the whole time-ha ha!

Ava and Kyle

Ava with her friends Jake and Anika

Kyle at the plate, he was the DH (designated hitter) in the game

Kyle before batting

He is going to be with us until the beginning of August.  He has a game almost every day while he is here so we have a LOT of baseball games to attend this summer!

Have a good weekend!


CBL said...

Very cool! I'd like to host someone either on a Chef Team or Landscaping Team....

Michelle said...

How fun--you all are going to have a great summer going to his games!

Janna said...

I think it's cool you guys are hosting a player. They do the same think for the Marion Miners team.

The Mrs. said...

That is so cool! I am so glad to catch up with your blog! Also following you on twitter now!