Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ava's dance recital 2010

This weekend was Ava's dance recital.  She had a show on Friday night, 2 shows yestersday and she has one show this afternoon.   We are ALL exhausted from this busy weekend.   The show was 3 hours and had about 200 dances from ages 3-18.  Ava did 5 dances.  For the first time ever she had some "quick changes" where she had to change costumes right back stage.  A lot of the older girls have quick changes because they are in SO many dances.  Ava was thrilled that she got to do two quick changes this year-ha ha!
Ava with some friends before the show

Ava did hip hop for the first time this year.  These costumes were really cute. 

The whole hip-hop class
Ava's ballet costume was my absolute favorite.  I think she looked SO pretty in her ballet outfit. 

Ava with her lyrical dance class.  Ava always tells me that lyrical is her favorite dance.  Lyrical is a cross between jazz and ballet. 

Ava with her lyrical class

Ava with her tap dance class

Ava with her tap friends!

Ava relaxing between dances. 

I hope everyone had a good weekend!


Michelle said...

Ava looks so adorable!