Friday, June 18, 2010

Show us your life-Proposals!!

Toda's Show us your Life sponsored by Kelly's Korner  is proposal stories!  I can't wait to read  how everyone got engaged!

We have the best engagement story!  Waaaay back in the spring of 1997 (yeah I know we have been married a long time-ha ha!)  I went on spring break to South Padre Island Texas with 7 of my best college friends!  We had the BEST time.    While I was there (I had NO idea this was going to happen!) my boyfriend Graig went shopping with two of his friends for an engagement ring for me!

 I remember we talked a couple of times during my trip and we planned that he would pick me up at the St. Louis airport and then we would meet my family (mom, aunt, grandma and sister) for dinner in St Louis.    He picked me up and we went over to my Aunt's house to get ready to go out to eat with my family.  When we got there my Mom suggested that Graig and I go to the St. Louis Arch since Graig grew up in New York he had never been up to the top.   I really wanted him to see it because the Arch is my most favorite thing about St. Louis and I LOVE everything about St. Louis.  

When we got to the Arch my family decided that they would stay at the bottom while Graig and I went to the top.  Graig and I waited in line and got in the elevator that took us to the top. While we were looking out the windows at the top he got down on one knee and proposed!!!!    I  said yes and everyone who was up there with us started clapping!  It was a perfect moment!

We went back down and my family was there holding balloons signs that said "Congrats Angie and Graig!"  We all hugged and celebrated and then went out to dinner.  It was a PERFECT day!

Graig knows how close I am to my family and I am SO happy that he included them in our engagment day.

We just celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary on June 7! 

Here is a picture of us at dinner the day we got engaged.

Here is a picture of us our our wedding day-June 7, 1997


Katie said...

Angie ~ What a sweet story!

mcpheekids2 said...

very cute, Angie! I don't think I ever heard the story of how Graig proposed! Hope you're doing well... I've been neglecting the blogging world lately!

Michelle said...

I remember that day well--Graig had such a great day planned for you!

The Mrs. said...

Cuuuute story!