Thursday, June 3, 2010

Garage Sales, Baby Girls, Peonies and Turtles

This is going to be the most random post ever!  We have had lots and lots going on and I am going to try to condense everything that has been happening down to one post.  I am going to apologize in advance for the lackluster photography in this post, all of these pictures came from my iphone.  Lately I have been too lazy to take real pictures with my camera-ha ha!
Where should I begin... last weekend my friend Sabrina and I hit up a few garages sales on Saturday, we got some really cute things!  We also had our own sale at my house on Sunday with about 6 other families!  We made over $600 and all of the money will be used to help send our boys to a week long baseball camp/tournament.  The cost is about $800 per boy so the garage sale was only one of the MANY fundraisers that we have held this year. 

Here are some pics of the things that I got

A white vase for only $1.00!  I love this I have it in our dining room, I am not sure what I am going to put in it yet but I love the way it looks!

 Black and white chicken plate that cost only 50 cents!  There were two so Sabrina took the other one to put in her house.

Pier One candle holder.  This was free!!  It was not sold during our yard sale so I kept it! 

The little flower pots were $2 each,   I love the colors!

Today after work I was watering my flowers and I saw this giant snapping turtle sunning in our driveway!  I couldn't my eyes!  Ava and I were the only ones home at the time.  I called Graig who was no help because he was in the middle of batting practice with Brock's baseball team so I called our neighbor Heidi.  She came over with her kids and we got the turtle into a big plastic storage tub and we took it to a steam about 1 mile away from our house. 

After we removed the turtle I was able to finish watering my flowers and plants and I cut some peonies for our living room. 

Yesterday my sister Shelby went for her ultrasound and she found out she is having a baby GIRL!!
Ava and I are SO excited!  Graig and Brock were hoping for a boy-ha ha  She is due on October 1.  They don't have any names picked out right now but she wants to decide before her shower in July.  She also registered for this adorable bedding and accessories at Target.  Graig and I bought her the 3 piece bedding set as a gift for finding out the gender!


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Love love that top vase! You could even weave a ribbon in and out to match decor/hoildays. Or set a small pumpkin in it in the fall.

Lisa said...

You found some really great things! I especially like the white vase! That turtle looks very old!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Ahhhhh...luv that white vase...great price!


Janna said...

I like all of your rummage sale finds, but especially the white vase. I bet you are so excited for Michelle!

Southern Fried Gal said...

Your finds are so cute -my favorites are the rooster plate and the colorful planters. I can't believe that turtle. Y'all were good to save it! Have a great weekend!