Thursday, May 27, 2010

flowers, flowers, flowers

Yesterday after work I picked up  Ava from school and we stopped by a new gift shop in town to look for a wreath for our door.    I have been looking for a new wreath for the longest time and I am sad to say that we didn't find one :(  I did get some cute fake flowers and when we got home I made own my door decoration.  This is actually our side door since and the door everyone uses to come in to our house so I like to have something nice on this door.   

At the gift shop I found these adorable flowers.  They have a magnet on the back so they stick to anything metal.  I got 3 of them and put them on a few things around our kitchen!

I got this one too.  I put it on top of our stove.  So festive for summer!

I put the hydrangra that I showed yesterday on our back deck last night.  I put it in the front of our house which gets full sun ALL day long and last night the poor thing was dried out and wilting.  I put it in the back where it's shady and gave it some water.  This picture is from this morning it seems much happier on the deck!

Last week I took my interns out to dinner to celebrate the end of the semester.  They got me these beautiful flowers.  I love them!  I added the flag for Memorial Day!

Today was our end of school year picnic at work which is always fun!  I ate a ton of good food!  Tonight Ava and I are going to get a pedicure and then we are going to watch Brock's baseball game. 

Happy Thursday!


CBL said...

What new gift shop? I must know!