Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fun Festival!

Last weekend Ava, Grandma Jan and I went to a fun festival in Cooperstown.  Brock and two of his friends went too but they wanted to play basketball at Grandma Jan's so they stayed at her house and played while we went to the festival for a little while. 

One highlight of the day for Ava was to go on the horse and carriage ride.  She loved it SO much!

Ava with Grandma Jan on the carriage ride

Ava and me!
Ava and Grandma Jan after our ride
Another highlight for Ava was getting this sweatshirt and shorts screen printed.  We went to this store where they had a lot of iron ons that you could put on shirts.  Ava LOVED this one and had to have it!  Luckily she had some First Communion money from PaPa Bob and she used some of that to buy this outfit!

Ava also wanted me to take a picture of her doing her back walk over.  She finally got it and now she does them ALL the time!