Saturday, June 4, 2016

Life lately

This week has been full of fun and sunshine!

Monday we went to the Memorisl Day parade.  People marching in the parade gave the kids little flags which I thought we so cute!

After the parade Ava and I went with Sabrina and Eliza to get flowers.
It was SO hot but I got all my flowers and vegetable plants so it was worth it!

After getting plants we went swimming in my friend Mica's pool.  It felt great after being so hot! 

Wednesday I had my monthly bunco night with my girlfriends. 

Thursday Ava went to New York City with her class!  She has a busy day they went to the 9/11 memorial and Chhinatown.

Our niece Ainsley spent the week at the Mayo Clinic.  She is a trooper and did a great job with all of her medical tests.  My sister has detailed blog posts about Ainsley on her blog

I'm thrilled it's Friday! We have a fun weekend planned!