Monday, February 20, 2012

Our day in pictures!

I took pictures on my iphone of our day today!

My day started out at work.  This is my to do list and a pile of work that I needed to get done today.

Brock and Ava are on winter break this week so Ava came to work with me for a little bit this morning!  Graig also took her to an orthodontist appointment early this morning.  Brock is finally getting his braces off next week and Ava is probably going to need braces or a retainer.  We will find out for sure next week. 

Ava loves going to Starbucks when she comes to my office.  This is my favorite breakfast-an everything bagel with chive cream cheese and a diet coke :)

I ordered some fabric key rings from Very Jane.  They came in on Saturday and I added them to my keys today!  I got some extra so I can give them away as little gifts. 

After work Ava and I went to Dairy Queen. She got a blizzard and I got an Orange Julius.  I love these!  Our Dairy Queen opened for the year on Saturday and we've been there twice already.  We are very good DQ customers!

After work Brock and I watched the CSI from last night .  He loves snuggling on the couch and watching TV. 
Here's a picture of our mantle.  I updated it for St. Patrick's Day and I made the burlap banner.  It was SO easy to make, I'm going to do a tutorial on my blog later this week. 

Tonight I have a meeting at work and the rest of my family is just going to hang out at home. Happy Monday!


Michelle said...

Fun! I love to see your pictures of sweet B & A!

Sabrina said...

ooooh I want a banner, make me one!!