Sunday, February 19, 2012

Graig's big game!

This was the most relaxing weekend that we have had in ages.  We didn't have ANY plans.  It was heavenly!  The only thing we did do was go and watch Graig ref in a basketball game.  Graig refs in 3-4 games a week during the basketball season.  We hardly ever get to watch him but Saturday night we were all able to go.  This was a championship game so it was held in the gym at the College where we work.  We are really proud of him because the coaches from both teams have to recommend refs for championship games.  This is the third year in a row he's had this championship game. 

Graig in a pre-game huddle with the captains from both teams

Graig trying to look tough before the game

The game was pretty much a blowout so thankfully no fans (at least that I heard) yelled at him.  I know that happens in games but I hate when fans yell at the refs. 

Graig's knees have really been bothering him but no one even knew.  He ran up and down the court like a pro!

 All smiles after the game!

 This weekend I worked on a few craft projects and made some freezer meals for our family.  Brock and Ava are on winter break this week so they are really excited to have a week off of school.  I am going to take a couple of days off to be with them.  I hope you had a good weekend! 


Michelle said...

Yeah Graig!!! What a neat opportunity for him! Hope he rests his knees this week!