Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shelby and Ryan's new apartment!

My sister Shelby and her husband Ryan moved from our home state of Illinois to Iowa! They both got jobs at the University of Iowa. My sister is going to be the coordinator of academic initiatives in the residence halls and her husband Ryan is going to be a hall coordinator. So they will be living with 500 college students. They moved in last Friday (June 20) and about 10 of the people they are going to be working with were there when they arrived to help them move in to their new apartment. How great is that? My sister, being the type A personality and clean freak that she is, is already completely unpacked and settled in to her new home. My mom and I sent her this cute platter as a housewarming gift

Here is a picture of me and my sister during our Thanksgiving vacation

Here are some pictures of Shelby and Ryan's adorable apartment

Their living room

Their home office

Their kitchen