Thursday, April 19, 2012

Brock's morning routine!

I know this all the time but Brock Aaron is getting so big and growing into a young man!  I can't believe in 3 years he will be going off to college.  He is so busy with school, his friends and sports we don't get a lot of time together.  I'm so thankful that every morning we get to eat breakfast together and I can talk to him a little bit about his day.  I am usually getting back from the YMCA when he is coming down stairs to eat breakfast.  We get to spend about 15 minutes together eating and talking.  I like to watch the Today Show at 7 so we watch that for a few minutes and then he turns it to Sports Center. 

Here are some pictures of him from yesterday morning. He wasn't interested in getting  his picture until I promised I would bring him some pizza to school before his next baseball game :) 


Melany said...

Awww. that is so sweet. He's still your little boy.