Monday, May 14, 2012

Catch up!

I have been the WORST blogger lately.  Things have been busy and I have been reading blogs on my phone unfortunately I don't ever find the time to post on mine. Here are some pictures from my iPhone so you can get caught up on what we have been doing! 

Ava had her ballet recital two weekends ago.  Here is my Ava with her friend Ava and her BFF Anika. 

Ava on stage.  She is on the left.  Her costume wasn't my favorite but the red did look pretty on stage. 
Last weekend I ran my first 10 k!  I never, ever thought I would run one. It was hard but SO worth it!  Here are some friends from my running group before the race.  I love my running group because everyone runs at different paces (I am one of the slowest) but we all support each other.  I am so thankful I am in this group!
My friend and neighbor Heidi and I before the race.  We stayed together during the race and we crossed the finish line together at 1:07.  I am SO thankful for her.  She kept pushing me the entire race.  We were a little afraid that we would come in dead last because it was a really small 10k but thankfully there were people that finished after us. 

My sister in law Jill sent me this picture of sweet Gabe.  They live in Colorado so I am so happy when I get pictures of him.  I can't wait to meet him!

Ava got a retainer and head gear last week.  She took a "before" picture of her teeth last week on the way to school.  She has a sparkly purple retainer and headgear and she is as proud as punch of them. 

Last week Ava and I went to the dance recital on campus.  Amber one of Ava's dance teachers was in the show so she came out at intermission to talk with us and she took a picture with Ava.

Happy Monday!