Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trip to Brimfield!

Here we are before getting in the car!

Last Thursday and Friday I went to the fabulous Brimfield antique fair with three of my friends!  We had the best time. Brimfield is known as the “superbowl of antique shows” and it was amazing!  There were so many booths.  I bet we only saw maybe ½ of the booths.  It’s hard to say because it’s SO big.  We walked through tent after tent full of beautiful things both days we were there.  I went with my friends Sabrina, Melany, and Sara.  Melany is opening up a new store in a few weeks in our town and she wanted to get some display and storage pieces for her store.  She was able to get some great things! 

See the uhaul in the back!  Melany got that to carry all of our treasures!

Here is the VIP tent!  There were a lot of bloggers and designers in this tent.  We just peeked our head in this one but it was fun to look at!

Here is me, Sara and Melany in front of one of my favorite tents.  Thanks to Sabrina for taking our picture!

My absolute favorite find was this tray with my last name!  This was a real beer company that went out of business.  I have seen these on eBay for a lot of money so I was thrilled to get this one for only $25!

Here are the four of us after a long day of shopping! 

We got home on Friday so we had the rest of the weekend to relax. Brock and Ava got me these gifts for Mothers Day.  I will treasure them forever!  I especially love the rocks Ava painted that say " I love you"

 The college students are leaving this week for the summer.  This semester has gone SO fast!  This morning Ava and I went out to breakfast with Marissa who is Ava's favorite college student.  Ava likes this picture of herself she told me that she had a double chin like I do in some pictures- ha ha!