Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our week in pictures!

Things are busy, busy, busy here!  I thought I would show some pictures that I took from my iPhone this week.  The quality isn't great but you can see what we have been up to! 

Last Saturday was graduation at the College where I work.  This year has FLOWN by.  I always volunteer at graduation in the graduate robing area. It's fun to get to see everyone one last time before they graduate.  Here is a picture of me with AnneMarie one of my former students who is going to graduate school for higher ed!  Her grad assistantship is in Greek Life.  She is so happy and I am SO proud of her.  I am going to miss her but I know that we will stay in touch!
My intern Jerthys also graduated.  She worked so hard for me this semester and we had a lot of fun. I am going to miss her next year :(  She lives in NYC and when we visit there this summer we are going to get together for lunch!
Here are a few other pictures I took at graduation.  It was a beautiful day!  Looked how many cords and medallions these students have.  They represent honor societies and academic achievement.  I am lucky to work with many talented students! 
Saturday was also a big day because my Dad decided to start a blog!  It's called News from the Illinois Prairie.  He posts pictures and talks about life on his farm.  He just recently planted a HUGE garden and bought some beef cows so he will be very busy this summer!  Here is a picture of some of his cows.  The one in the middle front is  Elmo. My Dad named him Elmo because Ainsley's favorite character right now is Elmo!  It will be fun to keep up with my Dad by following his blog. 

Sunday I ran a 5k with some people from my running group.  It was a good, flat race but it was SO humid.  The heat was the hardest part for me. 
Here is my friend Heidi and I at the very end.  I finished in 32:03

Monday evening my friends Sara and Josh had a gender reveal party for their baby.  They had a cake made and the icing on the inside was either pink or blue.  I thought the cake was so cute! 

Here they are cutting into the cake.  As you can see Sabrina, Melany and I are in the background waiting with anticipation!  The icing was blue they are having a BOY!  I am so happy for them. I just knew it was going to be a girl so I had a bet with Sabrina, I lost so now I have to make her family dinner. It's OK though it was a fun night!

Tonight is Ava's parent watch day at ballet and Brock has a baseball game.  I am going to both so it will be a busy night for us.  This weekend we are going to relax, do some things around the house, go to a couple of Memorial Day parties and enjoy the start of summer!!


Melany @ Project Anthologies said...

I love your blog. You are just so cute and fun. Plus, it helps me review my week a lot of time since i'm involved in a lot of it! :) Talk soon! <3