Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Florida Fun!!!!

Ava and I have been Orlando with my sister Shelby and her family since Saturday.  We have had a great week!  We've been spending  our days at Disney Parks and our nights by the pool at our resort.  It's heavenly and I don't want to go back to the frigid cold and dreary weather in New York. It was SO cold yesterday in NY that school was cancelled  for Brock!

Here are some pictures from our trip 

Here we all are on the first night of our trip at Downtown Disney. 

Ava loves her cousin Ainsley.  These two have been inseparable all week.

The parks haven't been too crowded so we have been able to go on a lot of rides and many rides more than once.  I definately suggest going to the park during non-peak times it's been great this week! This is Ava and I on It's a small world.

I've taken a lot of pictures of these girls together they are just so sweet and I know they'd be BFFs if we lived closer. 

We had a dinner with Cinderella on Monday night and of course we had to get the girls princess makeovers at bippity boppity boutique.  Ainsley loved this Ava hated it.  I would not do this again for Ava. I'm thankful she was a good sport and went with her baby cousin.  
We have been to 4 sit down meals with characters.  It's been fun to get their signatures in the girls autograph books and take pictures with them.  Ainsley has loved it and it's been fun for Ava too!

Ainsley's favorite is Mickey Mouse!

Tuesday Orlando had the coldest temperatures it's had in a few years.  We were freezing touring Hollywood Studios and did a majority of our things that day inside. Ainsley and Ava spent a lot of time snuggled under a blanket. 

Wednesday we spent the day in Animal Kingdom.  I love this park so much!  We had a great time today.  We had another character meal at Tusker House and The girls got to see Goofy, Donald, Daisy and Mickey.  By the time Daisy got to us  Ava was SO over smiling and posing with characters-ha ha!  

Here's  Ava in front of the tree of life.  After lunch Shelby and Ryan took Ainsley back for a nap so Ava and I spent the afternoon going on rides and roaming around the Animal Kingdom-it was really fun!

Tomorrow we have one more day in Magic Kingdom before heading home on Friday. It's been a great week!!