Monday, July 2, 2012

Our week in iphone pics!

Last week was a busy week for our family.   I had something to do every night after work, Brock had lots of baseball and he had his first week at his first job and Ava was getting ready to go on her trip to Cape Cod. 

Here are some pictures from our week.

Brock played LOTS of baseball.  Here is a (bad) picture of him pitching. 

Tuesday evening I went to a the annual coaches dinner for girls on the run. Here is Shannon, Heidi and me.  Heidi won that adorable bag and we were all jealous.   

Ava went to a waterpark to celebrate her friend Anika's 9th birthday.  Here is Avery, my Ava, another Ava, and Anika
Our puppy Lilly is getting SO big.  She is the sweetest dog.  She is my shadow around the house.  This is where she lays every morning when I take a shower. 

Brock and Ava like to steal my phone and it drives me crazy!  They like to take pics of themselves-ha ha!  Here are two pictures of them that I found on my phone this week.

Thursday night I went to a Foreigner concert to benefit Hospice.  It was a fun night!  Here I am with my neighbor Heidi. 

Someone posted this on facebook last week and I really like it.  On Saturday I finished my last 9.5 mile training run for the boilermaker 15k.  It's next Sunday and I'm ready!   This week is great because I am suppose to taper my training and not do too much running in preperation for the race on Sunday.  I think my favorite part of training is going to be this taper week-ha ha! 

Ava went with her friend Avery to Cape Cod for the week.  I am really missing her but I know she is having a great time!  Happy Monday.


Sabrina said...

I am so proud of you, you are going to do great!!