Monday, June 25, 2012

Last week of school

Brock and Ava finally got out of school last week!!  Brock had end of the year exams (called Regents) and he passed all of them!  We are SO happy for him.  It was bittersweet for Ava because her elementary school is closing due to lack of enrollment.  I am so thankful that she is going to be in a great school in the fall but I am SO sad that she won't get to finish at her current school. 

Here is a picture of Ava and her friend Ava and Eliza on the last day of school.  Each child got a medal which had a picture of the school which I thought was so nice.  Eliza came to school to watch her mom Sabrina in the closing assembly.  Sabrina helped coordinate a zumba dance which was really cute. I am so thankful they kept the mood upbeat and lively for the kids. 

All the kids put their hand prints on an outside wall at the school which I thought was so sweet. 
Here is Ava's hand print

Ava got 4 teeth removed last Thursday for her retainer.   She took a picture of her missing teeth and texted it to Graig since he was working we she got them pulled. 

This morning Brock started his first job!  He works at a Music Camp at the College where Graig and I work! His job is to watch kids go from building to building and to make sure that they are safe.  He also helps them get to where they are going if they get lost.  He is going to work about 4-5 hours per day during the week.  A couple of his friends have the same job which makes it nice for him. 

I am working this week and we have things going on every night after work so I will be busy, busy, busy!  Happy Monday


Michelle said...

Poor Ava with her teeth, hope she got some ice cream after! That sounds like a great job for Brock--how fun he'll be with his friends!