Monday, June 11, 2012

Our weekend!

Last week was crazy busy Brock started his travel baseball season and Ava had practice after practice for her annual recital.  I spent the week working and driving them around from one activity to another. 

I did have a little bit of time to paint this cabinet I got during our trip to Brimfield.  I wanted to put it in the center of our kitchen as a little island but sadly our kitchen is so tiny that I had to put it in the corner of our kitchen.  I do think it turned out cute and it provides us with a little more storage!

As usual all of these pics are from my iPhone and Ava likes to take pictures of herself with my phone.  Here she is with our dog Lilly.  Lilly is such a great puppy.  She loves going on walks, splashing in puddles, and snuggling next to us. This morning she curled up in the bathroom while I was taking a shower. 

Our varsity high school baseball team won the state championship on Saturday!  It was big excitement for our small town.  Graig and Brock went down to watch the game. Here is a picture I found from Brock's JV season this spring.  Brock was #20.  I want him to stop growing.  He is already so much taller than me!

Ava had her dance recital this weekend and she did four shows.  She was one tired girl last night.  She did not want me to take her picture at all so I am thankful that a professional photographer took pictures during the recital.  I was able to buy some of Ava dancing thank goodness!

Here are a few that I took.  Ava with her BFF's Eliza and Anika. 
I love this picture of Ava and Eliza.  Eliza and Sabrina came to watch the show yesterday and Eliza loved it!  I see lots of recitals in her future :)

Our neighbor and Ava's friend Sarah was also in the show.  Here is Sarah, Anika and Ava.  These girls have so much fun together!

Happy Monday!!


Michelle said...

Great pictures! I miss you guys!