Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend update!

Things have been crazy busy so I haven't been posting regularly.  I love the summer but I feel like we are always on the go so it's hard to post to my blog.

Anywhoo here are some pics from our weekend.  At the beginning of May I decided to start project 365 where you take a picture each day to document your life. Here is my picture collage for the month of May.  Some days I forgot to take pics so I just filled those days in with quotes I liked from pinterest.  I think this will be fun to look back on the year and see what we've done!

Saturday Brock had his first travel baseball game of the season.  On his second at bat he got hit really hard with a pitch.  Thankfully was OK to keep playing in the game.  This is a picture that I took after the game.  You can see the outline of the baseball stitching:(

Yesterday was our Girls on the Run 5k! Girls on the Run is a fabulous running and self esteem building program for girls in grades 3-6.  I was one of the coaches at Ava's school.  My friend Sabrina was another coach.  It was so fun working with her. 

Here is a picture of our team of girls.  Notice the dark sky in the back we were all scared there was going to be a thunderstorm but thankfully it didn't rain at all during the race!
Here is a picture of the 4 coaches-Sabrina, Erin, Heidi and me. Each team had a different color bandanna because there were 1000 girls in the race.  The bandannas were used so we find our girls.  We decided to wear ours on our heads so it would be easy for our girls to spot us.   

Here is Ava and me.  They had a hair station where the girls could get their hair colored before the race.  The girls on the Run colors are pink and green so Ava got pink and green striped in her hair.   

After the race we went to Grandma Jan's for pizza. It was a fun end to our busy weekend!


Michelle said...

What a cute picture of you and Ava!

Melany @ Project Anthologies said...

You guys are too cute. Congrats on Girls on the Run - that's awesome! I hope to do it with Pilar in a few years!!