Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The beginning of summer!

I guess I am in the (bad) habit of posting just once a week.  It seems like that's all I have time for these days!  Anyway, Brock and Ava are finally getting out of school this week and they are SO excited to start their summer!  I am excited too I love lazy summer days!  Here are some pictures from my iphone from this past week so you can see what we have been doing!

My friend Melany opened up her store!  It is SO beautiful and I am SO proud of her. It looks fantastic!  You can check out pictures from her new store  at http://www.projectanthologies.com/
I was honored to be her first customer last Monday :)

This is the fabric I got I am going to recover this bench.  I am really trying to love tangerine because I know it's the latest, greatest color but it honestly matches NOTHING in my house.  This fabric has a little tangerine but it has more blues, greens and reds which I have more of in our house. 

I love to redo furniture and I also love to paint.  Usually my projects turn out pretty good but last fall I made the mistake of trying to paint our dining room chairs. My dining room set is a gift from my Dad and he used the set in his home and passed it down to me.   They turned out awful so I asked around and found a furniture refinisher that will refinish our tables and chairs. (Don't worry Dad he came highly recommended and has been refurnishing things for 25 years!)  Graig and I took our set down to get redone last week.  It's going to take about 6 weeks so we now have a folding table in our dining room :(  It will be worth it though and our tables and chairs will be re stained the same color.   

Graig's brother Garth came to visit last week and he saw Ava perform at the talent show at her school!  He and his wife and newborn son are trying to move back here so he was here for a job interview.  I pray he gets it!  I would love to live close to them!
Ava's elementary school is closing next year due to low enrollment in our district.  We are SO sad and it's been a tough spring for us because we just love her school and teachers.  Last week we got to visit her new school and meet the teachers there.  I am so thankful that some of Ava's classmates will be going to the new school with her.  Here she is with her friends Mary and Ava. 

Brock had a baseball game last night.  Ava took some pictures of him pitching.  Here he is in action!  It was a tough game and thankfully we won 3-2!

On Sunday we were at a lake and Ava got a mild concussion after she fell doing a back walkover so she has been taking it easy. The doctor said no dance or swimming for a week.  Brock has a game tonight and I am meeting some friends to start planning a baby shower! Happy Tuesday