Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our week in pictures!

This summer has been SO busy!  Sadly it is almost over for me because the college students come back next month.  This summer has flown by. 

Our biggest news last week was that we put an offer in on a new house and it was accepted!  Our house went on the market yesterday and we hope it sells quickly! 

Here is a picture of our (hopefully) new house!  It's a little further out of town than our current house and it has a bigger yard and better kitchen.   The same couple built and lived in the house for almost 40 years so it is a little outdated on the inside but the floor plan is great and the house was well maintained by the owners. 

We spent ALL weekend organizing, decluttering, cleaning and working in our yard.  I am SO exhausted from all of the work we did.  I am thankful that we are mostly finished (our realtor told us to do a couple of minor things) and will just keep in clean for showings.  I will show some of the pictures that our realtor took soon. 

In other exciting news we celebrated my friend Sabrina's b-day!  Her friend Alisha threw her a surprise party.  Here is a picture of us on the porch during the party. 

Here is Ava and Sabrina's daughter Eliza at the party.  Sabrina took these pictures of them and I just love them.  These girls are getting SO big!

Our Lilly is getting bigger too.  Ava snapped this picture of her on the ipad in front of the fireplace.  She is such a sweet puppy. 

Last weekend Ava went with her friend Avery and her family to Massachusetts.  They made a stop at Avery's beverages and they had a blast.  Ava came home with a case of old fashioned Avery soda! 

I hope you had a great week!!


Michelle said...

I LOVE that picture of the girls walking away, so sweet!