Friday, August 17, 2012

August pics

We have had a busy, busy August!  Here are some pics that I snapped with my iphone

Brock went to basketball camp at Syracuse University.  I was nervous because he didn't know anyone that was attending the camp but thankfully he had a great roommate and had good camp teammates that he became friends with.  This is a picture of us in his dorm room for the week. 
My friend Alisha is getting married next month and we celebrated at her engagement party.  This is Sabrina, Alisha, and me at the party. 
We had a surprise 40th birthday party for my friend Stephanie last week.  Here is me with my friends Michelle, Amy, birthday girl Stephanie, and Leigh

Ava loves to take my phone and take random pictures of herself.  I thought this one was funny!

I went to get my hair highlighted for the new school year.  I wanted blonde highlights and dark brown and dark red lowlights.  My red highlights came out purple!  I look like a punk rocker.  Thankfully my hair lady is going to fix it on Monday and it will be a nice dark red. 

Brock played his last baseball game for the summer in Cooperstown a few weeks ago.  Grandma Jan came to watch and I took this picture of them after the game.  I love this picture of the two of them. 

Sadly, the house that we put an offer in on was sold to another couple because we didn't want to drop the contingency of selling our house.  Our house is still for sale and we have decided not to look at houses until our house sells.  So I have been going a little crazy making sure that our house is clean and organized for showings.  Showings are such a pain and we are hoping that it sells soon! 


Melany @ Project Anthologies said...

Wow. August has been busy for you! I can't believe your hair!! Is it still like that? I want to see!

Sorry about the house. :( I didn't know. Talk to you soon!