Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year's Bling Party

My friend Sabrina (on the right in the picture below) has just started selling Chloe and Isabel jewelry. Last night I hosted a party for her so she could show off her fabulous jewelry. 

Sabrina decorated the table with all of her jewelry.  She did a great job arranging it and people just went around and tried things on.  I loved the way she set it all up. 

At the end of the party I realized that I didn't take any pictures of our delicious food.  I made  Kelly's Taco Soup and these corn muffins to go with it.  I printed the little food labels from the same adorable blog as my new year's subway art sign.  I need to find that blog again!

I used a lot of platters and plates at my party.  I love this beautiful  silver
tray that I got a few years ago :)

This isn't the best picture but Sabina gave me this beautiful necklace last night.  She knows I love all things monogrammed :)  It was my Christmas present from her and I love it!

Tonight Ava and I are taking a Mom and Child sewing class at Melany's store. We are going to be making a pillowcase. Ava picked out the cutest pink, teal, and green chevron fabric.  She is SO excited to sew!
Happy Friday!


Michelle said...

What a fun party! If I lived closer I would be there :)! I love that taco soup! Hope you and Ava have fun at the sewing class--take pictures and give her a big hug from us--Ainsley misses her! She has been carrying around your Christmas card saying "Bock and Ava"!