Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend fun!

Friday night Ava and I went to a Mom and Me sewing class at my friend Melany's store.  At the class we learned how to make a pillow case.   It was a fun night. 

Here is Ava's finished product on her bed.  I think it turned out really cute!

Saturday morning Ava had her first basketball game!  Graig is her coach and her Grandpa Larry is the assistant Coach.  This is the only picture that I got of Ava at the game.  She is so proud of her uniform!

Saturday afternoon some friends and I met to make scarves.  Here we are in our finished scarves 

Saturday night I want to watch Les Mis with some friends and then we took our friend Heidi out for a drink.  Heidi's father passed away on December 28 and she has been busy all week planning the funeral with her Mom and getting her Dad's affairs in order so she needed a fun night out.  I think she had a good time!

Sunday evening our friends Dan and Jenn came over with their kids.  Brock and Ava call these kids their "cousins" because we see them so much.  Ava, Marty, Marshall and Henry had so much fun playing at our house.