Monday, September 9, 2013

First Day of school!

Last Thursday Brock and Ava had their first day of school!  I am SO happy that they are back in school and that soon we will be back in to our routine.

Brock is in 11th grade and Ava is in 6th grade this year.

This year will be the hardest year of high school for Brock class wise.  He is taking physics and chemistry this year and he will be playing baseball and basketball.  On top of that he has applied for a dish washing job at a local restaurant (bless his heart!) and we are going to plan a few college visits for the fall-yikes!

Ava is starting middle school so she will have different teachers for every subject and she will  change classes each period.  She will be playing basketball and softball through the Boys and Girls club (she can't play for the school until 7th grade) and she is (sadly!) only taking one dance class this year.  She has also taken over Brock's paper route in our neighborhood and will be doing that with Graig each morning before school.

I got up early and made them a back to school breakfast on Thursday morning. I wanted them to have a good breakfast before their first day.

I also looked through my blog and found some other back to school pictures of them. 

2009-Brock 7th grade, Ava 2nd grade

2011-Brock 9th grade, Ava 4th grade (they looked thrilled to be going back to school-ha ha!)

I guess I didn't take pictures the other years because I couldn't find them on my blog-oops! 
Happy Monday!