Monday, September 30, 2013

Why work out?

I think it's important for you to figure out WHY you want to work out before you start working out.

Before I started I came  up with a list and if I ever get discouraged or want to give up I go back and look at this list to remind myself why working out is SO important to my overall health.

1.  Control your weight-we are a society surrounded by delicious food all day every day.   Exercise will help you keep your weight in a healthy range so you can enjoy the treats you love!  

2. Keep you healthy-working out will  help you fend off heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. Heart disease runs in my family (both of my parents had heart attacks-my Dad at 58 and my Mom at 64) 

3.  Improves your mood-working out increases your endorphins which makes you happier :-). 

4. Better sleep-working out can help you fall asleep faster and help you sleep more deeply throughout the night.  You will wake up feeling refreshed and ready for another workout!

5.  More energy-regular activity will help build strength and endurance which will give you lots more energy to tackle errands, chores and daily life.  

It's important to write down the reasons why you want to start working out and refer back to it often.  You could put these on a post it, in a notebook or you could keep a list on your phone.  The important thing is to write them down!  Try to come up with one or two and you can add more as they come to you.  

Tell me what are your reasons for wanting to work out?  

Coming tomorrow-deciding when exercise fits in your busy schedule 


Jenniemarie @ Another Housewife said...

I want to work out to be a healthy example to my children and to improve my own self-confidence.