Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend wrap up!

We had a busy and fun weekend!

Brock's basketball team played their last game on Saturday night.  They made it to the sectional finals.  It was a good game but our boys lost :-(. It was an emotional game for all the players on our team because their basketball coach was diagnosed with MS last week.   It's heartbreaking and Brock has been so upset because he just loves his coach. He had yesterday off and then today he had basketbsll practice for his summer team and he had the first day of baseball tryouts.

Sunday morning some of my friends and I met for breakfast it was great catching up with everybody!
A lot of my friends have had babies recently so it was fun to hold them.  I love this picture of two of the babies looking each other over.  Zoey is almost 1and Lachlan is 17 months. 
And I love this picture of my friend Rachael holding Lachlan
Yesterday afternoon my friend Sara and I went out for ice cream and to buy new candles at Bath and Body works.  Our friend Allison works there and she gave us a demo on their new hand soaps and lotions.
Last night I went to my friend Rachael's for "family" dinner.  As usual she had everything done so nice.  Here are our place settings.  She made lasagna it wS delicious!
This was our dessert.  It was fabulous and so rich.
Happy Monday!!