Friday, January 2, 2015

Hello 2015

Sadly I've neglected my blog for about 7 months...yikes!  One of my resolutions in 2015 is to update more.  

Yesterday Brock and I spent the day shopping with my friend Sabrina and her son Ethan.  It was a great way to start the new year!
Brock got some sweatpants to lounge around in at home.  His Papa Bob loves his sweatpants so I took this pic and set it it him.

New Years Eve night Graig and I had dinner with some friends.  My friend Michelle invited us over it was low key and relaxing.  We had a great time!!

After dinner we went to visit some of our friends who got rooms with their kids at a hotel in town.  It was SO fun but not def. not low key or relaxing like the first party we went to.

To catch you up here are some things we've been up to

December-Brock got accepted to his #1 college choice...SUNY Brockport!  

November-Brock and Ava started their basketball season

Senior basketball boys

October-Halloween fun

September-back to school

August-family vaca to Cape Cod

July-2 fun concerts-Bruno Mars with Ava and Lynard Skynyrd with friends

June-baseball, baseball,baseball and Brock's junior prom

May-Ava and I went to see President Obama in Cooperstown! 

April-our Nephew Gabe visited from Colorado

March-Ava turned 12 and won a basketball tourney the sane day!

February-Brock finished up his junior hear of badketball.

January-Ava and I went to Disney with my sister and her family for a week of fun!

We have some fun things planned for this month and are looking forward to 2015!  Happy New Year!!


Michelle said...

Love the pictures!! SO glad you are blogging again!!!